CLG criticised by LoL community for publishing video of players being benched following LCS defeat: ‘Not sure who took a bigger L, England at the Euros, or CLG’s social media team’

clg video criticised lcs players

North American esports organisation CLG have been utterly annihilated by the League of Legends (LoL) esports community for publishing a behind-the-scenes video on social media.

The video – now removed by the org but reposted below – shows general manager Daniel ‘Tafo’ Lee telling the team’s LoL players that it ‘might be the last time we have this roster of five playing’ following a defeat in the LCS.

CLG won one game and lost two last weekend, prompting org management to make roster changes. But it was the manner in which the video was shown, the fact it had been sponsored by Bud Light and the way it humiliated the players (including Pobelter, pictured left, and Broxah, right) that people took issue with. Many believed the conversation should have stayed private.

Cloud9 streamer IWillDominate – who recently guest cast some Chinese LPL matches – led a wave of criticism towards CLG over the video:

Many in the UK League community blasted CLG’s decision to publish the video.

Here’s a selection of views from various Brits or people in UK esports:

G2 coach GrabbZ was also critical of the video:

After removing the video, CLG also published this apology on Twitter.

They said their goal was to share an authentic moment and be transparent, but that they “recognised the negative light it brought” to their players and decided to take the video down:

There are many more comments flying around on social media and Reddit (here and here) deploying CLG’s actions.

Being benched is of course difficult for the players, as the team dynamic shifts and player morale may drop.

Speaking of benching, Team Liquid’s Welsh LCS pro Alphari was benched in early June ‘for performance and attitude reasons and private reasons’, but Alphari returned to Liquid’s starting roster with a win last weekend, though he was switched out for Jenkins again in one game.

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