epic.LAN epic33 esports winners recap: Org-less team NoPoaching takes first place in Valorant

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Last weekend the latest epic.LAN took place – a hybrid event featuring a mix of online elements plus a physical venue. Dom Sacco provides a quick recap of the esports winners.

Epic33 took place from July 1st to 4th 2021 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Coventry, and as usual, a number of esports tournaments got underway.

There were three main tournaments – in Valorant, CSGO and StarCraft 2 – plus a number of community tournaments in the likes of F1, Fall Guys, Uno, Brawlhalla and more.

First up, in Valorant, org-less team NoPoaching took the first place, beating M4LIK (another side looking for an org) 2-1 in the final. They received Β£1,400, with M4LIK taking home Β£700. Ucam Esports finished third.

NoPoaching includes UK former Team Liquid player Adam β€˜ec1s’ Eccles, former SUMN FC/Fnatic player tsack and other players listed in the tweet below, while M4LIK includes kingHaS, Louitan, Leare, MAGK and eleo.

Elsewhere, in CSGO, it was UK org UMX Gaming that won the epic33 tournament after beating XENEX 2-0 in the final and taking home Β£500.

In doing so, UMX made some UK esports history by winning three tournaments back-to-back, as explained by epic.LAN’s esports manager Tom Gumbleton below.

UMX’s winning roster consisted of arTisT, shateri, Girafffe, _volt, Extinct and T1mM0.

Endpoint’s ROG Academy side finished in third place.

Then finally, in StarCraft 2, uThermal took first place, with Bly second and Gerald third.

uThermal is a Dutch StarCraft player for Team Liquid.

You can see the full list of winners and rosters on the epic33 esports results page and see more info on epic34 taking place at the Kettering Conference Centre this October here.

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