Top Blokes, Guild finish top 6 in RLCS X European Championship

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Top Blokes and Guild Esports, two of the UK’s strongest Rocket League teams, finished 3rd-4th and 5th respectively in the RLCS X European Championship.

The European Championship is the European portion of the cancelled LAN World Championship, which was split into regional Championships and moved online. 

Both UK-majority teams started in the Upper Quarterfinals, with Guild looking flat and quickly falling to Top Blokes in two consecutive best-of-five series.

Guild proved unable to improve their form in the Lower Quarterfinals against Team Queso, while Top Blokes fell to Vitality in the single-elimination semi-finals.

Guild’s UK coach Mike ‘Gregan’ Ellis said on Twitter after the result: “Both Team Queso and Top Blokes were better. We couldn’t perform the way we wanted to & the RLCS X journey ends.”

Elsewhere in the European Championship, French-dominated powerhouse Team BDS surprisingly lost to their regional French rivals Team Vitality in a shockingly quick 4-0 4-2 Grand Final.

The tournament experimented with a new best-of-set format, where the first team to win two best-of-five series (best-of-seven for the semifinal and grand final) take the set.

Across the Atlantic, NRG (who compete under the name The General NRG in Rocket League for sponsorship reasons) defeated Spacestation Gaming 4-2 4-1 in the North American Championship.

The Championships are the culmination of the year-long RLCS X season, which brought a vastly new format and bigger prize pools to Rocket League esports.

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