Up-and-coming UK org 15 Kings to host £1,500 Fortnite ClickUp Cup

15 kings esports fortnite cup

15 Kings, a relatively new esports organisation based in London, is hosting a £1,500 Fornite ClickUp Cup starting this month.

The open qualifiers get underway on June 17th and 18th, with the top 33 trios making it to the finals on July 2nd.

The Fortnite ClickUp Cup will be hosted by Puerto Rican esports commentator MonsterDface, who has almost 50,000 followers on Twitter. It will be organised by remote production and tournament administration platform PracticeServer, whom MonsterDface is the CEO of.

Participants can sign up via the following 15 Kings Discord link.

Ellis Bowen, who was co-owner of 15 Kings but parted ways on July 19th 2021, previously told Esports News UK: “Established in 2020, 15 Kings is a new and up and coming London-based organisation that has plans to eventually compete worldwide.

“With a very minimal amount of staff and players we built and established our organisation which now has between 60 and 80 members. We are currently competing in FIFA, Fornite, CoD Warzone and CSGO and are looking to venture into a wide variety of esports games when possible. 

“We are currently partnered with a managing and business tool which goes by the name of ClickUp. We use this tool to plan, schedule and execute tasks on a daily basis and we also use this to coach our players in multiple different esport genres.”

Fortnite has a host of UK talent, from players like Wolfiez to Mongraal and Benjyfishy, and UK-based organisations doing making an impact within the game like Guild Esports, Excel Esports and others.

Earlier this year, UK player Higgsy won a $50,000 Fortnite charity event, as Benjyfishy, Aubameyang and TheGrefg finished second, and a UK Fortnite trio won a North American Cash Cup.

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