UK Fortnite trio win North American Cash Cup

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Three Fortnite players hailing from the UK finished first place in a recent Fortnite Cash Cup last week.

19-year-old Verox, 18-year-old Mexe and 15-year-old Michael took the win on February 2nd.

Verox and Mexe were formerly of Enterprise Gaming, while Michael used to be a part of Team Serenity.

They are players we’ve not seen at the top of the leaderboards for a while now, but they performed well together to take the victory. It’s even more impressive to see how they dominated their way to 232 points on 80/90 pings. 

Fortnite Trio Cash Cups take place across the globe, with hundreds of thousands of players all battling one another.

A European-based side coming out on top on the North American East servers is something that’s been brewing for a while now.

Prior to this current Fortnite season, Epic Games held daily Trio Cash Cups. In Chapter 2 Season 5, the current season in Fortnite, the number of cash cups been lowered from daily to one a week for trios, with the prize pool being slashed from $41,400 to $20,525 for the North American East region.

This means more teams from different areas are getting involved for a chance at taking the prize money.

The UK trio managed to pick up 15 points from 2 games, something that is often considered a slow start to pro teams going forward. However, almost every game led them onto the high ground where they claimed the remaining 5 out of 6 wins. This is something that teams don’t usually do in a tournament setting, let alone on such a high ping.

After getting 3 more wins than any other team in the cash cup and narrowly beating out the trio of LG Slakes, 1P Acron and G2 Jahq, Verox, Mexe and Michael took the top spot.

This is their first tournament win as a trio coming into the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) qualifiers, which start later this week following a delay due to a bug.

You can watch Michael’s perspective from the UK trio’s Cash Cup win in the video below:

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