The LEC returns this week with the Summer 2021 Season: Who’s playing who and what times are the matches taking place?

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The League of Legends European Championship (LEC) gets underway again this week on June 11th 2021, with the 2021 Summer Season.

The rosters are locked in, the league standings are reset and the players are raring to go. So who is playing who and at what times? What does the schedule look like in this three-day LEC weekend?

First up, this Friday June 11th 2021, Spring 2021 LEC champions Mad Lions kick things off at 5pm BST against G2 Esports, followed by SK vs Astralis at 6pm, Rogue against Excel at 7pm, Vitality versus Schalke at 8pm and Misfits going head-to-head with Fnatic at 9pm.

On Saturday June 12th 2021, Excel face Astralis at 4pm, SK and Misfits at 5pm, Vitality and Rogue at 6pm, Schalke and G2 at 7pm and Mad Lions and Fnatic finishing things at 8pm.

Then on the Sunday June 13th, Excel play the first match again at 4pm vs Schalke, followed by Vitality and Misfits at 5pm, Mad Lions and Astralis at 6pm, SK and G2 at 7pm and Rogue and Fnatic at 8pm.

In terms of the UK-based organisations, Excel and Fnatic will be looking to improve this season.

Fnatic finished fifth, making the playoffs positions, as Excel ended up in eighth, although it was an extremely close season, with just two wins’ difference between third-place Mad Lions and seventh-place Misfits.

You can see the full LEC Spring 2021 standings here and read about Excel’s heartbreak as they missed out to Schalke again. Last month, Excel finalised their LEC Summer 2021 roster after signing Nukeduck and Denyk.

Will the new signings make a difference and can Excel finally make the playoffs spot they so sorely want? Time will tell.

Watch week 1 of the LEC Summer 2021 Season on the LEC Twitch channel, see more of the official LEC schedule as the season progresses and check out Esports News UK later this week for an interview with SK Gaming’s British general manager InnerFlame.

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