UK League of Legends 2021 summer season roster roundup: NLC, UKLC and UKEL teams


Ah yes, summer. Sunshine, beaches, cocktails… COVID. Ugh. In any case, summer also mean more League of Legends action for the UK and Irish scene!

With the three tiers of UK and Irish competition getting underway – the UKEL, UKLC and NLC – most rosters have now been revealed. Megalodontus lists the summer rosters and broadcast talent in one article.

NLC groups, teams and rosters

The two groups for 2021 summer are:

And the casters are as follows:

Fnatic Rising

Fnatic Rising have not changed their roster and Hugo ‘Lindgarde’ Lindgรคrde remains as their substitute.

BT Excel

NLC 2021 spring champions BT Excel also will have no changes to their roster for summer, adding Mikmer as a substitute:

  • Top-laner: Orome
  • Jungler: Markoon
  • Mid-laner: Hatrixx
  • Bot-laner: Deadly
  • Support: Advienne
  • Substitutes: Mikmer
  • Head coach: Swiffer
  • Performance Manager: Ewen Bufton

Tricked Esport

Team Singularity

Team Singularity haven’t made any changes to their roster for summer.


Resolve acquired Barrage Esports and will be playing in the NLC for summer onwards



Nordavind have made no changes to their roster for summer.


Granit Gaming

Riddle Esports

KOVA Esports

Galaxy Racer Esports EU

UKLC teams and rosters

London Esports

Resolve Academy


Viperiologo square

Viperio have announced their roster in separate tweets and in video form (you can find the full roster video on the Viperio website):-

  • Top-laner: Shieda
  • Jungler: Dakin
  • Mid-laner: Topi
  • Bot-laner: Coomecoom
  • Support: Hasse
  • Substitutes: Penta (support), JonnyREcco (jungler)
  • Head coach: Harry Sanford
  • Assistant Manager: Jamie Ellisson

Lucent Esports

Some of the players have been known under other names this season. VayneGod changed their name to BillyBonker and Littlepants to WillyWonker, we believe, resulting in an interesting cast for Jamada and Hiprain!


MNM Gaming


NVision Esports

Bulldog Esports

UKEL teams and rosters

The UKEL returns with a mix of familiar and newer faces in terms of the broadcast line-up, this time opting for a larger roster of casters compared to last season:

Munster Rugby Gaming

Top-laner: JoJo
Jungler: Goose
Mid-laner: Beartree
Bot-laner: Kevaman
Support: Longstaff

NOX Esports


LDN UTDlogo square

LDN UTD have announced their roster in separate tweets:-

  • Top-laner: IcyGale
  • Jungler: Dunlosi
  • Mid-laner: Koussay3
  • Bot-laner: Blank
  • Support: Nyzah
  • Substitute: Mortifer


Lucendi Esports

lucendi logo 3072x30722

Lucendi have announced their roster in separate tweets:-

  • Top-laner: SynapseSprinter
  • Jungler: Noided
  • Mid-laner: B3rry
  • Bot-laner: 3nacho
  • Support: ItsRhys

X7 Esports


London Esports Academy

The NLC has already got underway and the UKLC starts on June 6th, you can watch both of them on the NLC Twitch channel. The UKEL has also begun and you can watch it on the UKEL Twitch channel.

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