Has the impact of COVID-19 taken gaming and esports to the next level?

coronavirus esports cancellations

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The outbreak of coronavirus pandemic in March 2020 changed the world dramatically. The economy collapsed in many countries, some markets were destroyed and a great number of people lost their jobs or were forced to leave the offices and start working from home.

Moreover, because of the lockdown and restrictions concerning the ability to move freely or go to public places, the majority of people from all around the world were stuck in their homes. A lot of them became bored due to the loss of social interaction with others.

Consequently, more people started playing video games and placing bets on different kinds of sports on such online websites as parimatch, for example. That’s one reason why the gaming and esports industries grew in some ways, despite the crisis situation across the world.

Therefore, a significant number of people chose playing games as a way of spending their spare time during the lockdown. The statistics show that the number of players has increased considerably in many countries. Here are some changes:

  • The number of players has increased in the gaming industry
  • A lot of new platforms have appeared which offer an opportunity to engage in different games online
  • Product sales in the gaming and esports industries (in general) have risen due to the growth of consumers

Thus, the gaming industry provides people with entertainment and safe online connections with other people, without violating any restrictions concerning social distance.

The coronavirus pandemic has been taking esports and gaming to the following level because of several reasons. Playing games helps people to escape from reality and their everyday lives and home chores. People want to connect other gamers with the same interests and have a rest. There are websites and services that offer single-player games and multiplayer games. So, users may play against each other or create teams and play in that way.

What’s more, a significant number of platforms offer various kinds of games and some of these are growing because of the increased demand. Moreover, it’s of course convenient to play games online because all’s that’s needed is the internet connection and a device that people generally have greater access to.

Advantages of playing games online

There are a lot of benefits of playing video games. First of all, this activity can stimulate the release of dopamine – it can makes gamers feel happy. That’s why people who play games notice the reduction of stress and improved wellbeing (in general – prolonged low elo solo queue activity can have the opposite effect)!

Secondly, games usually require deep thinking. Consequently, the brain is challenged in that way which enhances its functions and prevents problems with memory. Playing games also stimulates imagination, develops creative thinking and upgrades the skills of solving problems of different complexities.

These particular games where people play as a team help to improve social skills. Gamers can meet new people, make friends, establish new relationships and cooperate with each other on the team.

Esports during the pandemic

When it comes to traditional sports, this sphere has also suffered a lot because of the COVID pandemic. A great number of matches have been cancelled or postponed to later on. That’s why some fans of watching sports competitions have lost their passion.

As a result, the esports industry was able to continue in these times, with online tournaments. So, those people who are fond of sports games may play video games online from home, which is convenient. Moreover, they may even make money out of participating in such esports competitions. Gamers who like watching games also have an opportunity to watch video game livestreams.

To conclude, COVID-19 has in some ways contributed to the rise in popularity of gaming and esports – let’s hope the growth will continue even after the pandemic is over.

Promoted article (contains affiliate links)

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