Interview with Chronicler on joining the LCK broadcast as a caster for 2021: “When I got the news I ran around screaming, waking my girlfriend up!”


Benelux caster Maurits ‘Chronicler’ Jan Meeusen has joined the LCK (League of Legends Champions Korea) broadcast team.

He will join the established duo of Atlus and Valdes, and also another new name for 2021 in the form of Wolf ‘proxywolf’ Schröder.

Chronicler is known for his time in the Benelux LoL scene, where he casted the newly rebranded Dutch and Belgium League for 2020, but he’s also known for casting in the UK.

He most recently cast the European Masters (EUM) 2020 summer season, as well as appearing as guest on the NLC broadcast. He also has experience in the UK casting UKLC, the NUEL, Belong and even Insomnia and the British Esports Championships at a school and college level.

In recent times there have been a number of European Regional Leagues (ERLs) talent making it to the bigger leagues, such as Munchables, Dagda and Penguin moving on to the LPL, while Foxdrop and Excoundrel have appeared on the LEC broadcast.

Of course, British casting talent Medic and Vedius hail from the UK scene and are now on the hallowed LEC desk.

Chronicler joins the LCK after Korean side Damwon Gaming won Worlds 2020 and the LCK logo underwent a rebrand.

2021 is also a landmark year in LCK history, with it being the first time in history it’s adopted the franchising – or partnership – system. They’ve also announced a change in the playoffs format.

The LCK 2021 Spring Season will begin on January 13th, and you can watch Chronicler on the LCK broadcast on Twitch.

Interview with Chronicler: ‘While my highest profile cast to date would be the EU Masters, the UKLC for me was the perfect mix of fun and quality gameplay’

Before Chronicler jets off to adventures unknown, Megalodontus speaks to him in a short interview about his career so far and his time in the ERLs.

First off, we’d like to wish you congratulations! It must be a very surreal moment for you, as a self-confessed LCK fan. Tell us how you reacted when you got the good news?

Chronicler: Basically, I ran around screaming, waking my girlfriend up (laughs)! I felt like the last part of the audition process went well but I was fairly certain I wouldn’t make it through.

Getting further and actually coming within reach was scary enough – let alone it actually happening.

Using your name as a pun, could you ‘chronicle’ your journey (groan – Dom) as a caster so far for our newer readers? When did you start casting and what inspired you to get into it?

I started casting in 2016, although initially it was just interviews and hosting at LAN parties. I have been a fan of esports since early 2010, watching StarCraft 2 during my breaks in high school.

I didn’t really do anything productive with it – unless you count raiding! – until I came back from my exchange in South Korea. I then started the Tilburg Student Esports Association and rolled into it from there.

You’ve made quite a name for yourself in the ERLs, casting primarily in Benelux, the EU Masters, and even in the NLC, UKLC, NUEL and Belong tournaments. Please recount some of your fondest memories with us before you leave for Korea.

I think that no matter the level of play you cast, the main appeal to me is the people you work with and the stories of the players in front of you.

At every level and across multiple games, I’ve had the pleasure of working with so many amazing coworkers. Their passion and spirit only motivated me more. Likewise, at every level there are players who are so motivated and passionate, which makes casting them so much better.

For my career highlights, one for me would definitely be the UKLC in 2019. While my highest profile cast to date would be the European Masters 2020 summer – and it was an amazing tournament – the UKLC for me was the perfect mix of fun and quality gameplay.

All the coworkers were also stellar, such as my co-casters Excoundrel, Hiprain, Aux and many, many more.

Another memorable moment for me would be my time at Insomnia 64, at the Belong Arena Clash finals where amidst a best-of-5, the entire internet structure literally went up in flames! 

We couldn’t connect to the LoL servers so GreyHart and I had to fill in for an hour and half, slowly devolving into a manic feedback loop!

Excoundrel and Chronicler’s iconic Alan Partridge moment at Forge of Champions 2019

What lessons did you take away from those times and how do you think they will help you settle in your new home?

While the level of play is of course lower, casting in an ERL teaches you to make the most out of limited resources: in terms of stats, resources, b-roll and so forth, there just isn’t as much budget available.

Shoutout the Belgium and Dutch League guys, however, those guys are smurfs in terms of production. Also, I am a big believer in giving it your all regardless of the level you’re on.

What are you looking forward to most? Working with the LCK crew? Korean food? Anything else?

Name anything and I’m already looking forward to it! 





Amazing co-casters?


Casting the literal best players in the world?


So before we end, a fun question for you… since you also have an undying loyalty to the Benelux scene, if you had to pick one player from the region and say “yes, this fellow will do ‘ok’ in LCK”, which player would it be and why?

Chronicler: This is a tough one, but if we’re talking about players who are currently active within Benelux and assuming they would go full tryhard with a 50-60 hour per week scrim and solo-queue schedule, it has to be Jeroen ‘Night’  Segers when he wears glasses.

That man has been too good for too long, for how little he actually plays the game.

Any closing thoughts or things you’d like to add?

Chronicler: Thank you Megalodontus for doing this interview with me. Benelux will forever be in my heart and I can’t wait for the upcoming year!

Thank you Chronicler, we wish him the best in his journey to South Korea. You can follow Chronicler on Twitter here and watch Chronicler’s Twitch channel here.

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