Method founder outlines plans to rebuild the organisation: ‘We’ll do everything it takes to earn back your trust’

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The CEO and founder of disgraced UK-based esports organisation Method has outlined his vision for the future of the org.

Scott ‘Sco’ McMillan and other staff spoke in a video titled ‘Method – our next steps’ at the start of a Twitch stream this evening, Method’s first online broadcast in months.

The video comes after Method imploded back in June following an abuse scandal, which saw most of its players, staff and sponsors leave.

Earlier this year, accusations were made towards former player Method Josh, claiming the Brit had committed multiple forms of abuse in recent years, including rape, sexual harassment and more, and that Method had stood by and not dealt with the situation. Additionally, Method CEO and co-founder Sascha Steffens was also accused of predatory behaviour.

Method booted Josh out of the guild following a spate of accusations on social media in the summer, and has this evening posted an update on Sascha here, following a third-party investigation.

“Based on the investigation’s findings, Sascha has stepped down from his role as co-CEO and executive director on Method’s board. He will no longer be involved in Method’s day-to-day operations and decision-making, and will instead serve as a non-executive director where he will consult on long-term business strategy on a limited basis,” the org said in a statement.

“Sascha will undertake a twelve-month leadership training program and growth/development plan, which is in alignment with Method’s newly defined core values and Code of Conduct and which will be reviewed by Method over time.”

Having taken time out to reflect on the abuse scandal, Sco has outlined a number of changes to Method. The org engaged with an independent HR consultant, audited internal policies and announced a new structure, plus it has added a new code of conduct and employee handbook.

Method have added a new online reporting system, administered by an independent third-party, to ‘thoroughly and confidentially’ review any future allegations of misconduct.

Method also revealed its other senior staff in the video: Jay McMillan as CFO, Alyssa Camacho as chief communications officer and Christian Bishop as chief revenue officer.

Alyssa says Method will operate with integrity, promote wellbeing, continue to innovate, advocate for inclusion and serve the community respectfully. Method added that ‘progression’ remains one of its core values.

Sco said in the video this evening: “In June 2020, Method was forever changed. We learn that when it truly mattered, we did not have the correct safeguards in place to protect the community and our staff.

“Since then, Method has been 100% focused on rebuilding, to ensure the mistakes made never happen again. We know that in order to earn back the community’s trust, and create a safer, more inclusive environment for all, we must demonstrate those changes through action.

“To do that, we have made and will continue to make changes in our organisational structure and daily operations. We know that these sweeping changes won’t happen overnight but they absolutely must happen.

“We’ve created an employee handbook and code of conduct to ensure that everyone at Method continually meets our new standard of behaviour. Furthermore, we’ve created progressive disciplinary procedures for violating our code of conduct.

“Our goal is to create an organisation that empowers, supports and protects the community, starting from our roots in World of Warcraft. But first we’re committed to using our platform for positive and meaningful changes, not just for Method but our industry as a whole.”

Scott McMillan, Method

“We’ll do everything it takes to earn back your trust. We know there’s a long road ahead and we’re just getting started. Thank you for being with us on this journey.”

Sco said he hopes to participate in a Race to World First once the guild is in the right state to do so, and that it depends on how things go.

Method is now on the hunt for new players, who can apply to join the organisation here, and there’s more info on Method’s rebuilding plans over on its website.

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