Recap: How MNM Gaming won the Rainbow Six UK and Ireland Nationals Season 1 finals

MnM Gaming UKIN Season1 Champs

Image credit: Rainbow 6 Siege UK Twitter

MNM Gaming’s Rainbow Six squad have won the very first season of the Rainbow Six Siege UK and Ireland Nationals (UKIN).

Craig Robinson provides a quick recap of how the finals went down last weekend.

The MNM roster faced the off against Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) in the finals and won the series 3-2.

With their victory, they became the UKIN champions, and earned their way into the Rainbow Six European Challenger League Season 1. MNM are no stranger to success in Rainbow Six – former MNM UK players won the Pro League Season 10 finals with Navi last year and Cr4zy signed a top MNM roster earlier this year too.

On the finals lat weekend, MNM Gaming entered the UKIN Finals Upper Bracket with a direct seed. The roster finished second place in the regular season, granting them and Cowana Gaming direct entry into the Finals.

In their bout, they drew first blood against Demise, advancing onward to meet Na’Vi in the Upper Bracket Semis. In that series, MNM Gaming beat Na’Vi 2-0 and secured their upper bracket path to the Grand Finals.

Once again, Na’Vi met MNM in the Grand Finals, after they defeated Cowana 2-0 in the Lower Bracket. This victory secured MNM Gaming their slot in the the EU Challenger League, so the finals became all about the trophy.

Compared to their Upper Bracket showing, Natus Vincere came out strong in the finals. MNM gained the first map due to the Upper Bracket winners advantage, but Na’Vi kicked off the stream with a 7-4 Coastline victory.

Moving on, MNM gained pace and found a clutch 7-5 in Oregon. With the series at 2-1, Na’Vi upped the ante with a 7-1 Clubhouse win. The series was to be decided on Villa.

It was on Villa that MNM Gaming found their trophy. MNM Gaming steamrolled the map, taking the game 7-3, thus becoming the UKIN Champions.

For a rundown of the UKIN Season 1 achievements, the Rainbow 6 UK Twitter account provided a rundown of the player awards throughout the season, which can be found in the thread below:

Ubisoft recently announced the UK Ireland Nationals Second Division will commence in Spring 2021. There are several ways to qualify for the league, featuring the likes of university paths and other events via epic.LAN and Belong.

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