The LVP UK x HyperX Teamfight Tactics tournament 2nd challenge draws to a close


With Teamfight Tactics (TFT) offering an alternate game mode to League of Legends’ usual 5v5 format, UK players got to compete in the HyperX Challenge to see who could become the John Nunn of this growing auto-chess market.

The format as listed on HyperX’s website is simple. Two tournaments played out on November 16th and 23rd.

The top 4 players in each challenge then duked it out in the finals on the 24th for TFT supremacy. The winner took home a Savage EXO 960 GB SSD and bragging rights.

The finals saw aspiring Teamfights Tactics pro Kymzilee take the undisputed first place in a rather stacked final.

As with the current meta in TFT now, Ocean/Mages remain incredibly popular – rightfully so- especially when a two star Brand comes online. Kymzi went further and obtained a two star Nami as well.

Shadows comps are slowly rising in popularity as can be seen in the finals, but perhaps surprisingly, no one ran a Light or Predator focused composition.

Other notable players in the finals were Phelan Gaming’s Nutri, who finished an impressive 2nd place, Barrage Esports’ Xeno, who managed 4th, Gromp News’ own Tom Daniels in 6th, and LionsCreed’s KiezoTV in 7th.

Hopefully, TFT continues to grow steadily as Riot Games’ new direction with their Set 2 overhaul continues to expand.

TFT is one of several new games Riot has produced in recent years. The League of Legends developer announced several new games as part of League’s 10th anniversary last month, including card game Legends of Runeterra, an FPS, fighting game, dungeon crawler and more.

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