PES 2020 reveals new esports circuit, kicks off in December

PES 2020

PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) has unveiled its new esports season for PES 2020.

Starting December, there will be two tournament features: The eFootball.Pro and eFootball.Open.

eFootball.Open is an esports tournament accessible to players of all skill levels.

Players will compete in 1v1 matches, using the new matchday mode in PES 2020.

Upon registration to the eFootball.Open, players will choose one club to participate as throughout the entire season.

Konami has yet to announce the eFootball.Pro clubs, but they should be announced around mid-November to accompany sign-ups.

Last year, Celtic FC, FC Shalke 04, FC Barcelona, AS Monaco, Boavista FC, and FC Nantes were the partnered clubs, but it remains unclear who will partner for this season.

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Once when the tournament is underway, players will be separated into three skill brackets: basic, intermediate and expert.

Players in the expert bracket will have the opportunity to qualify for Regional tournaments and the World Finals.

Regional tournaments will begin offering players a prize pool, with the addition of potential football clubs signing them.

The expert bracket contains the top-level players who selected the same club on the same platform.

The top 50 players of each bracket will be invited to participate in efootball.Pro qualifiers and other tournaments.

Registration to the eFootball.Open begins mid-November and runs through to July 2020, ending with the Worlds Finals.

Expert level players can expect to participate in qualifiers from December 2019 – March 2020, depending on the event.

A full breakdown of PES’ esports season can be found here.

The below infographic details the schedule and how to get involved with the eFootball.Open.

eFootball Open Infographic
Image provided by Konami

In addition, Konami released Data Pack 2.0 alongside the news.

The new update features new players, boot updates, new kit cosmetics for a number of teams, alongside several tweaks, bug fixes and balance updates.

The full changes for the Data Pack 2.0 can be found on Konami’s website.

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