UKEL: Orgs revealed for new league presented as UK League of Legends' unofficial division 2

ukel lol division 2

The UK Esports League (UKEL) has announced the eight teams set to take part in its inaugural season.
UKEL is a new tournament that is positioning itself as the unofficial division 2 of League of Legends esports in the UK and Ireland, one tier below Riot and LVP UK’s UKLC competition.
It was first publicly revealed late last month and this past weekend has revealed the following teams taking part:

  • Absolved
  • Bulldog Esports
  • Clique Esports (formerly Newcastle Jaguars)
  • Lions Creed (formerly Lionhearts)
  • Mythos
  • Nuclear Storm
  • Radiant Esports
  • Viperio

The UKEL has been put together by Darkspawn Gaming, which, for obvious reasons will not be taking part in the competition. The team includes Marc Busby, Alex ‘Synygy’ Winton, Gitsea Games and Jenny ‘Jeno’ Busby.

Teams will now be hurrying to finalise all their player rosters ahead of the first evening of UKEL matches, which gets underway on Monday July 29th.
Riot’s first UKLC tournament took place earlier this year as a platform to feature the UK and Ireland’s very best teams and players. It has created the off-season Forge of Champions as something to find the next top teams and players from the UK at a grassroots level.
However, there are several UK League of Legends players and teams that want to test themselves on a regular basis who have been crying out for something like UKEL for some time now.
The UKEL offers a good opportunity for orgs like Clique, Nuclear Storm, Radiant and the others listed above who are bubbling below the UKLC level.

We can’t wait to see how the league shapes up and look forward to watching the UK LoL stars of the future emerge.
Check back on Esports News UK soon for an interview with the team behind UKEL, and in the meantime you can visit the UKEL website here.

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