Memes of the month (May/June 2019): Tier lists, drama and roster announcements

memes month june 2019

LVP and Riot UK have done a great job of mitigating unnecessary drama in the UK League of Legends scene over the past year.
But this is UK scene, there’s always drama floating about somewhere, whether it’s public or not. And two words can set off the most tilt-proof in our community: ‘tier lists’.
Here’s what we’ve got for you this month.

Tier list tantrums

Former BIG manager Crane posted some tweets that upset pockets of the community:

In terms of player tier lists, they’re all speculation so we’ll just include the most important one:


Roster ruckus

Phelan and Diabolus took their time announcing their player rosters for the UKLC 2019 summer split.


Who is Mr Legs?

Aside from tier lists and roster announcements, there was also some bickering like the UK scene of old between two players: Demo and FastLegged. Click below for the thread.

This prompted several tweets from people in the scene:


More UK scene stuff

The randomness continues.


Other League-related nonsense

People were quick to point out that the new League champion, Qiyana, looked like something from those spammy ads for mobile strategy games.

Teamfight Tactics has been growing in popularity and a few memes and things are emerging around it:

Congratulations to Dignitas general manager ODEE for his climb from bronze to silver in the space of a few weeks! Are you watching, Rick Fox?


Naughty but nice

Finally, a section dedicated to UK League of Legends’ manager with the best content, MnM’s OfficerNaughty:


UKLC gets underway this week

Just a reminder:

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