epic.LAN 27 esports winners roundup

epic27 winners buzzkill

It was another action-packed epic.LAN earlier this month, featuring a range of tournaments from CSGO to Rocket League, 1v1 League of Legends and more. Here are the winners, all of whom won cash prizes and tickets to epic28.
In CSGO, fish123 emerged victorious, winning £2,250. The team once again featured well-known UK pro player smooya, who helped them take down Buzzkill in the final.
Speaking of Buzzkill, their Rocket League team won the 3v3 Rocket League tournament (pictured), beating BOLO in the final. They picked up £600, tickets to the next event and Logitech headsets.
Moving on to StarCraft II (the game that refuses to die at epic.LAN), RazerBlader was number one, taking home £350, with second-lace Spazymazyy receiving £100.

Then, in Rainbow Six Siege, it was Demise that claimed the first prize of £525, defeating Peak Esports in the final.
As usual, epic.LAN played host to a number of more community-focused fun tournaments. The winners of those are as follows:

  • UBQ Squads – PUBGReddit+2
  • Beat Saber – DeeEmmSee (pro winner) and Yeggstry (amateur winner)
  • League of Legends 1v1 – Azrael_Jiraco
  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate – Davecena
  • F1 2012 – Randomperson255

It’s not an epic.LAN without a pub quiz – and Teamed Hams were the victors with 67 points.

epic.LAN coverage team leader mandoid also produced a few handy video roundups covering the tournaments and winners, which you can check out here:

epic28 will take place from October 10th to 13th at Kettering Conference Centre. There are more details on the epic.LAN website.

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