Vlog: Foxdrop’s post on being diagnosed with agoraphobia shows the importance of mental health

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Well-known LEC caster and League of Legends content creator Dan ‘Foxdrop’ Wyatt published a Twitlonger post yesterday about his anxiety.
It was a personal and brave post mentioning how he has been diagnosed with a panic disorder with agoraphobia – in which you fear and avoid places or situations.
In Foxdrop’s case, his panic disorder gave him a fear of being away from home. In this instance, travelling to the Berlin LEC studio.
“The short story of what I experience is the further away from my “safe zone” (my home) I am, the harder I struggle,” Foxdrop said.

“When my anxiety really hits me I feel like the world is ending, I shut down, I cannot function and cannot cope. It quite literally is the worst feeling I can think of (from a mental standpoint).”


He goes on to talk about the diagnosis and how light is at the end of the tunnel: “Two weeks ago I’d pretty much reached the point of giving up when I decided to book a private appointment with a psychiatrist.
“He told me that I had a panic disorder with agoraphobia. You may recognise that colloquially as ‘a fear of going outside’. More specifically for me it’s a fear of places “from which escape is difficult”. Rather than a literal sense, like crowded places or elevators, for me it’s a fear of an inability to run away to my safe zone, i.e home.”
Foxdrop said he’s talking about it publicly because if he can share his problems, it might help people in his audience who also suffer.
Esports News UK editor Dom Sacco really related to Foxdrop’s post, and instead of writing a long-winded opinion article, decided to post a vlog on his thoughts instead:

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