Esports News UK is looking for social media maestros to guest edit our feeds

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Calling all meme masters, social media pros and those who know how to reach the esports and gaming communities digitally.

Esports News UK is on the hunt for social media executives to help manage our feeds across various channels and be a part of the growing UK esports world.

We’re looking for a small team of social media executives/community manager who want to help share what’s going on in UK esports, including all the positive and interesting stories that the scene has to offer – and don’t always get the exposure they deserve.

Successful applicants will manage the social media feed for around 1-2 days a week, giving them a chance to create and share their own posts, videos and images, make memes, polls and retweet relevant posts, giving more exposure to UK esports than we are currently able to.

This is a flexible, voluntary, non-demanding role that gives freedom to the social media execs who join the team; it’s a relaxed role and there is no rigid set of content guidelines to stick to.

“Think of this as more of a guest editor role. I would love to have one person manage the socials one day, then another person handle the next day, and so on, creating a unique experience that adds a bit of flavour and variety to our channels, instead of just the same old kind of news posts from me.”
Dom Sacco, ENUK editor

These positions are voluntary and are ideal for those looking to gain experience and take an additional step towards a career in esports, or want to test the waters and perhaps get their content seen by more people in UK esports.

Team Esports News UK consists of several experienced writers who regularly chat in the ENUK Discord team channel, which the successful applicants will gain access to.

To apply for the role, please email Dom with details on why you want to join the team, along with any content ideas and past experience you have. If you have any questions, you can DM Dom on Twitter.

Knowledge of UK esports is necessary (any games), extra brownie points for those who follow the UK League of Legends scene closely. The more meme makers, the merrier.

Esports News UK is also looking for a part-time sales executive to join the team.

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