Ferral rejoins Team Secret's core as sTiZze retires from competitive play

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Team Secret has announced their roster changes for Rainbow 6 Siege.
David “sTiZze” de Castro has announced his retirement from the competitive siege scene. Team Secret’s official Twitter page states that StiZze will be returning to academia.

Filling in for sTiZze is former player Daniel “Ferral” Rotheram. Ferral played with the IDK/ Team Secret core during the Challenger League qualifiers early last year.
He then became an analyst for IDK when Bryan “Elemzje” Tebessi joined the starting lineup. Rotherham then joined Thomas “Shas[O]Udas” Lee on Penta/G2 Esports as an analyst in June 2018, leading right up to Six Invitational 2019.
Ferral will be competing with Team Secret on a trial basis. His first major test will be the up and coming Allied Esports Vegas Minor on the 7th – 9th June.
He will also compete in the up and coming Season 10 of Challenger League with Team Secret.


Honouring sTiZze:

With sTiZze retiring, for the time being, we figured it was time to list StiZze’s achievements on the roster. sTiZze has been with Team Secret / IDK since the start. He was the backbone of the roster as the resident support player.
Together, the team went on to win the Season 7 Challenger League and were promoted to Pro League Season 8.
Their next victory was at Dreamhack Valencia after they defeated G2 Esports (then Penta) in the semis and Vitality in the finals. They also earned their spot in the Six Major Paris from this event.
In August 2018, they finished 3rd / 4th after a defeat to G2 Esports in Paris, who then went on to win the entire tournament.
Team Secret then continued their journey in Pro League narrowly missing out on attending Rio de Janeiro for the Season 8 LAN Finals in November 2018.
In December, Team Secret became the inaugural ESL Premiership champions, with many of the tournament winning plays coming from StiZze’s Smoke.
Team Secret also finished second in the 3rd ESL Premiership in March.

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