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When it comes to IT certification vendors, Cisco will always rank among the top owing to its ability to equip its candidates with job-specific skills. A quick look at the Cisco credentials pyramid gives you an idea of how complex is the structure of prestigious credentials and how many levels and specializations it includes.
Earning the in-demand Cisco credentials is a sure way not only to climb up the career ladder but also significantly increase your income. If you are looking to embark on your IT certification journey, we are glad to introduce this updated guide to the highly covetable CCNA Security credential.

Career Prospects

Experts reckon that individuals who possess the relevant IT certifications in addition to having the basic knowledge and skills have twice as many job opportunities as those with no credential. Attaining the CCNA Security certification, therefore, improves your career prospects a great deal.
Recent statistics have shown that individuals with the CCNA Security certification are likely to serve in various IT roles such as IT specialist, manager, administrator and engineer. As you can see, most of these opportunities attract measurable rewards in the form of huge financial benefits.
With so much at stake, pursuing the CCNA Security certification makes sense. This certification marks the first step towards attaining the highly covetable Cisco CCIE (expert) credential. It’s okay if you are still unsure of the perfect starting point as this article highlights all you need to know about the CCNA Security certification. Here are a few benefits that come with attaining this marvelous credential.

Advantages of Pursuing the CCNA Security Certification

The CCNA Security certification has turned into one of the most sought-after credentials these days. Of course, for obvious reasons. If you still doubt whether pursuing this certification is worth it, then here are a few reasons that will convince you to give it a shot.

Boost your Career

When it comes to career growth in the IT security field, Cisco certification can massively boost your skills and knowledge. As a potential networking professional, when you earn the CCNA Security certification, you can easily rise through the ranks as compared to your uncertified teammates.

Salary Increase

Being certified guarantees salary increments as you will be showing the manager that you are competent for the task at hand. If you are looking for one of the simplest ways to double your wages, then obtaining the CCNA Security certification is your best bet.

Global Acceptance

Despite being vendor-specific, Cisco certifications still have a global recognition thanks to their role in equipping candidates with solid skills. The CCNA Security certification is, therefore, no exception. In the contemporary IT sphere, there are plenty of CCNA job opportunities, and many organizations require their employees to attain the relevant certification to be eligible for the job.
Aside from the mentioned benefits, the CCNA Security credential also presents other advantages. It acts as a stepping stone towards pursuing other certifications, earns you respect among the staff and gives you the much-needed recognition in the employment market.

CCNA Security Prerequisites

Many people ask, does the CCNA Security certification have any requirements? Well, the answer is yes. Any valid CCIE, CCNA Routing and Switching, or CCENT certification can act as a prerequisite.

Attaining the Certification

The common factor amongst all the Cisco certifications is that you will have to pass the required exam or exams before earning your credential. To earn CCNA Security, for instance, you are expected to pass one required exam which is called Implementing Cisco Networking Security and has a code 210-260 IINS. Here’s a quick overview of what this exam entails.

Exam Description

The 210-260 IINS exam is a 90-minute test that includes 60-70 questions. It is only available in English and Japanese at the moment. The 210-260 IINS exam validates your knowledge and skills relating to network infrastructure security, secure access management, core security concepts, firewalls, VPN encryption, web and email content security, endpoint security, and intrusion prevention.
Accordingly, it best suits the candidates looking to authenticate their skills regarding the troubleshooting, installation, and monitoring of a network in order to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability of devices and data.
During your exam, you may encounter different question formats. However, some of the most common forms tested in recent years include simulations and multiple-choice questions.
Good grasp of the exam topics is paramount to getting excellent test results. 210-260 IINS tests your knowledge of seven key topics relating to networking with each concept having a specific percentage in the test. These topics include:

  • Secure routing and switching (18%)
  • Cisco firewall technologies (18%)
  • VPN (17%)
  • Secure access (14%)
  • Content and endpoint security (12%)
  • Security concepts (12%)
  • IPS (9%)

It should be mentioned that questions from other topics may also appear in the exam, so knowledge of other concepts is very important.

Recommended Training and Exam Preparation

Cisco recommends that all candidates should enroll for the Implementing Cisco Network Security (IINS) course before scheduling the test. The company also provides multiple preparation options for 210-260 IINS. From classroom training and the e-learning platform to self-study materials, study groups and practice questions, there’s virtually any kind of training material for every exam taker.

Are Exam Dumps Still Helpful?

With the increased number of IT websites, there’s an influx of different exam dumps in the market. But the question is, are these exam dumps valid? Well, the choice to use or not to use exam dumps for your CCNA Security certification exam preparation is largely a personal decision.
But what we do know is that using valid exam dumps from reliable websites increases your chances of success in the actual test. With the brain dumps, rest assured to record a successful attempt in your test even if you are a newcomer in the IT sphere. So, visiting PrepAway before scheduling your test is helpful.

Exam Delivery

Like all the Cisco certification exams, 210-260 IINS is administered through Pearson VUE. This is Cisco’s trusted exam delivery partner that administers all its certification exams across the globe.

PrepAway – Top Web Source for Your Exam Preparation

Much has been said about the role of different training materials in your exam preparation journey, but one thing is for sure, using quality preparation materials from reliable sites makes your preparation a whole lot easier.
The PrepAway website, for instance, features a wide range of training materials all of which are ideal for your preparation. From practice test questions to valid exam dumps and ETE software which simulates the actual testing environment, this site features all the tools you may need for successful preparation.


Earning the CCNA Security certification enables you to grow as a specialist in your area of expertise by enhancing job success rate and marketability. However, good preparation is the key to passing the required tests. With the invaluable training materials from the PrepAway website, you can become the next success story.

Promoted article (contains affiliate links)

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