Big changes arriving with Fortnite Season 9

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Fortnite has evolved so much over the past two years since its release, starting with only one mechanic to master (double-pump), it has now become a whole different ball game. This game started off pretty basic with only a few objectives to focus on, but as it grew in popularity, huge gameplay changes began to unfold.
Even though developer Epic has been very clear on its mission and goals for a fresher game every season, this has sparked up controversy on whether that’s the right move or not.
Streamers and pro players continue to take both sides of the argument. Even though huge changes have been made over time, there is no denying the fact that the game is as much fun as it ever was.
Mechanical wise, the game has remained pretty much the same, with only a few minor tweaks and bumps to improve the flow of the game. Changes don’t always have to be bad, even though some huge meta mistakes were made in the past like the time when they released the P90 SMG. If these changes continue to be implemented correctly, this can have a hugely positive effect on a game’s long-term performance.
Epic continues to develop Fortnite and create new attractions for players to enjoy the game even more. We can especially see this in season 9.

Game-altering changes in Season 9

Epic Games was pretty quiet up until the launch of Season 9 of Fortnite, with only a few teasers which meant that players didn’t have enough to go on.
One of the teasers tweeted out by Epic Games left enthusiasts speechless. Many players correctly guessed that the Tilted Towers would be rebuilt with some saucy touches.
Tilted Towers was the go-to place for game grinders, a cult spot for Fortnite players, almost like Wembley stadium for football, Wimbledon for tennis, or the Aqueduct Racetrack for horse racing enthusiasts. Now it has been completely rebuilt and holds the name Neo Towers.
Like Tilted Towers, Retail Row was the victim of banishment, but with this patch, the game developers decided to bring it back in the form of a mall, called Mega Mall. The roots are basically the same as Retail Row but in a futuristic theme with a huge shopping centre. Some of the old Retail Row is still in place.
Furthermore, the most precious possession for a decent player was the Pump Shotgun, and when the Season 9 patch notes dropped, people were left speechless that this weapon was on the vault list.
Epic Games stated publically that the Pump was being overly used, and the most logical solution was to vault it. They want a fresh, updated game, and because of this reason, this gun might not be the only victim. New weapons are on their way to Fortnite, taking the place of the old ones.
They have worked on mobility as well. The new Slipstreams allow players to travel through the map with ease, making gameplay more action-packed as well as frustrating for some players. Instead of vehicles, Epic decided to add horizontal rings that will ease your mobility throughout the map. Also, there is a lot of propaganda going around that the huge mobility additions will be banned for the Fortnite World Cup.

How these changes might impact Fortnite

With Season 9 and huge changes like the new Slipstreams, this is proof that the game isn’t quite the same as it used to be. Even though these changes feel fun and neat, it’s very different to the old Fortnite.
However, it is true that competitive multiplayer games nowadays need to undergo regular changes, if not each game can become quite repetitive. Still, Epic has to remain careful regarding the changes they make, because they could cause some unwanted damage to the game as well.
Some fans have been agitated by this update – some feel the game has shifted too far from its roots. It is clear that Epic wants to keep Fortnite new and fresh, but the million-dollar question is whether this game is changing too much.
Even so, whether these enormous mechanical, esthetical and meta changes are of good or bad nature remains to be seen for now.

Promoted article (contains affiliate links)

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