Memes of the Month (April 2019): Insomnia LAN special

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It’s that time of the month again where seriousness goes out of the window on Esports News UK and we gather a selection of memes from yours truly: members of the UK League of Legends scene.
From the UKLC to Forge of Champions and LAN at Insomnia, there were lots of activities in the scene over the past month. Here are some memes in no particular order.

Straight Outta Darkspawn

First up is a rendition of Darkspawn Gaming if they were famous rappers. Because why the  hell not?


‘Easy 15min stomps’

Tweet speaks for itself.


Enclave shenanigans 

There was a bunch of memey content around the boys at Enclave this month, from ASMR keyboard unboxings (yes, we’re concerned about the players’ wellbeing too) and that League of Legends final defeat at Insomnia64 to No Ego.

And one of Enclave player and everyone’s favourite top-laner Governor:


Phil Gaming mean business

Enclave owner Phil ‘Britsaint’ Macartney has spawned his own memes, whether intentionally or not. The LAN team Phil Gaming are named after him – and we got to interview them this month.


John ‘John Allen’ Allen meets John ‘John Allen’ Allen

Imagine if you could clone someone. You’d soon realise said clone would never be as good as the clone of John ‘John Allen’ Allen.


If you know, you know


When do you receive an award for not harassing anybody? When you’re Gross Gore


In the bin

Including this just for the amount of salt and needless drama that followed this tweet on Diabolus’ exit of the EU Masters.


We’ve all been there


Just jungler things


Praevius’ corner

The meme machine deserves his own little section in Memes of the Month. So, here you go.


Our League of Legends overlord can even do memes

Needs a little improvement but it’s better than nothing. One of us, etc!


Ah, a 25-death bot lane

Gotta hate love ’em.


War of the worst

Not a meme, but a nice way to end this month’s roundup with a lighthearted low elo 1v1 between Excel Esports co-founders and brothers Kieran and Joel Holmes-Darby.
Note: Elo may be extremely low.

See you next month for more memes and silliness!

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