London Esports video interview: UK org on CSGO success, hopes for MDL qualification and a possible move into LoL

london esports news uk interview

Esports News UK editor Dom Sacco speaks to London Esports co-directors Alfie Wright (left) and Billy Maulkerson (right) about the history of their org, beating Team Envy and their future ambitions in CSGO, Smash and a possible move into League of Legends.
London Esports have won the ESL CSGO Prem and the Grosvenor CSGO tournament in recent months.
They’ve been in Dota, Rocket League and more, and when I talk to them they’re running production at Wanyoo’s League of Legends Championship with their media team. So they’re a storied org – but want more.
So how did they start out and what successes have they seen?
Billy says: “We first started on Dota 2, that was our main focus and we transitioned to Rocket League and the DreamHack in Leipzig.
“We had our first great spell when we knocked out Team Envy, which was a bit success for us. After that we went back to Dota and picked up a European team. We picked up a player called ComeWithMe, who was famous for being in the first ever International in 2011 playing for Online Kingdom with the likes of Clinton “Fear” Loomis. So that was a nice signing for us.
Alfie adds: “With that team we entered The International open qualifiers and made it all the way to the finals of the qualifiers but got beat by Alliance. It was still good for us in terms of experience as we were still quite new at the time.”

On their CSGO successes, Billy comments: “We won the Grosvenor Casinos CSGO tournament and the ESL Prem within quick succession. We picked up another roster and made Mountain Dew League relegations.”
Alfie continues: “We’re the only UK team in it – we just played Endpoint and beat them. It’s a knockout tournament, we’re in there with the likes of Vitality. It’d be good for us as a UK team to get through. So that’s our goal for now.”
What about other games? London Esports also have Smash Ultimate players – and are looking at League of Legends.
Alfie says: “Esports-wise, Smash is still growing but community-wise it’s massive in the UK. We want to help grow that – those are our two targets at the moment.
“We really want to get into League of Legends and LVP’s UKLC [through Forge of Champions].”
“In terms of the UK scene in general, it’s still growing, it’s not at the level it could be. I think organisations have to work together.”
Billy concludes: “It’s about getting the UK teams to a global stage. I think Excel Esports have done that now and I think that’s what we’re trying to do next.
“If we can climb into the CSGO Mountain Dew League, some of the teams in there a massive. We have a full UK roster as well – it’d be really good for people to see that when you’re tuning into the stream.”
Read more about London Esports on their website or Twitter here

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