UK CSGO finals approach including ESL Winter Prem & Grosvenor Coventry

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CSGO has been a staple game in the UK competitive scene over the years, with plenty of homegrown competitions giving players the chance to prove themselves.
Two finals are on the way for fans over the next few months.

Grosvenor CSGO tournament with epic.LAN

epic lan grosvenor casinos
The first event will take place at Grosvenor Casino Coventry this Sunday (November 25th) – this is the grand final of the CSGO Community Tournament in association with epic.LAN.
Eight finalists will be going head-to-head on the day (information supplied by epic.LAN, Stifmeister now playing under London Esports):

  • CeX (resu, nukeddog, LS, znx, jamesBT) – Newcastle Qualifier Winners
  • London Esports (Astroo, L1NK, dOMM, ec1s, Stan1ey) – Coventry Qualifier Winners
  • Endpoint (MiGHTYMAX, Puls3, Luzuh, Thomas, Ardiis) – Manchester Qualifier Winners
  • plus10elo (cthreestar, DaNsky, kpiz, neph, wh1sk) – Glasgow Qualifier Winners
  • 3era (m0g, eMy, crit, DaNi, mrhui) – Reading Qualifier Winners
  • Revelation_Gaming (Russ, PCAIL, Jsav, -Hawk, -Impact) – Online Qualifier 1 Winners
  • IGI Esports (Greenyy, square, shoobie, mark, downed) – Online Qualifier 2 Winners
  • Favela Gaming (25i, CORINTHIANS!, Roque, NTK, Akoriente) – Wildcard Picks

Each qualifier winning team will receive £750 and runners-up £250, with the grand final champions taking home £3,000, second place £1,500 and third place £500.

The talent line-up will include casters Jamie Martin and Morgan Palmer, as well as James Banks as host.

Spectator tickets for the finals are available from the epic.LAN website for £5 per person.
The timetable is as follows:

  • Quarter Final  1 – 10am (2 matches concurrently, 1 streamed)
  • Quarter Final- 12:30pm (2 matches concurrently, 1 streamed)
  • Semi Final 1 – 3pm (streamed)
  • Semi Final 2 – 5.30pm (streamed)
  • Grand Final – 8pm (streamed)

All games are best-of-three and streamed games will be available to watch via

The ESL CSGO Prem Winter Finals

esl prem winter csgo finals

The ESL CSGO UK & Ireland Premiership 2018 Winter Season Finals, in partnership with Intel and Gaming from Currys PC World, will play out in front of a live audience at ESL UK’s Studio 1 in Leicester on Saturday January 5th 2019.

Four teams will battle it out: Endpoint, Stifmeister, Orgles5 and CeX, with Endpoint looking to retain their title having won the Summer 2018 Season Finals.

The winner will gain the opportunity to advance through to the Mountain Dew League (MDL) qualifiers, where players from Europe and North America get their chance to prove that they are the best of the best, fighting for a coveted spot in the ESL Pro League.

Rob Black, ESL UK COO, said “The Premiership has grown over the years to be the biggest and best esports competition in the UK & Ireland. We’re completely committed to continue to give players and teams the best possible platform to go on to international competitions, as well as to keep growing the scope and size of the Premiership itself.”

It has been a major year for ESL UK, running three ESL CSGO Premiership Seasons in one year for the first time.

The prize pool for the 2018 season has seen an almost 50% rise compared to the 2017 competitive season. ESL UK says it will have handed out £39,000 across all three seasons of ESL CSGO Premiership once this winter final concludes, and £81,500 across all Premiership titles including League of Legends, Hearthstone and Rainbow Six Siege seasons in 2018.

Jacky Peters, on air talent for the Premiership, added: “If there’s one thing the UK does well in esports it’s breed high quality talent. We’ve really produced a lot of amazing commentators and hosts, a lot of which have been involved with the ESL premiership in some way, it’s great to see people get there start with the Prem and to see the stepping stones it lays out for you.”

Tickets to the ESL Premiership Finals are available over on ESL UK’s Eventbrite page. The finals will also be broadcast live on Twitch and Mixer.

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