Method secure world-first Mythic Jaina kill

method jaina world first

The World of Warcraft raiding guild arm of UK competitive organisation Method have become the first to down Jaina Proudmore on Mythic difficulty.

They completed the Race to World First to conquer the second raid in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth – Battle of Dazar’alor – faster than any other guild.

Method streamed their attempt live from the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London in a stream on the Method Twitch channel that began last week on January 30th. And today, on February 5th, they finally downed Lady Jaina after some 250 pulls.

Method founder and co-owner Scott McMillan said: “Thank you for the insane support – wouldn’t have been possible without you all. Jaina has been defeated at last!”

Method recognised the viewership potential of a Race to World First in September 2018 when they live streamed their world-first defeat of Mythic G’huun, the final boss in Battle for Azeroth’s first raid, Uldir. They attracted a max concurrent viewership of 226,000 with that raid.

The raiding guild consisted of Sco, Gingi, Narcolies, Chrispotter, Perfecto and Deepshades.
The stream also featured commentary from Method’s talent line-up of Richard “Rich” Campbell, Alan “Hotted” Widmann, Cayna, Aaron “Sours” Shaffer, Shanna “Darrie” Sarr, JB “JdotB” Daniel, Peyton “Tettles” Tettleton, Mike “Preach” and Adam “Bay” Knych.
Method made a name for itself in the World of Warcraft raiding scene but in recent years has branched out into other competitive esports games, such as FIFA, PUBG, Rocket League and more.
Further reading: What it takes to be World of Warcraft’s best PVP Outlaw Rogue: An interview with Whaazz from Method Black.

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2 years ago

Gratz Method for taking world first again, youset the standard for all guilds to follow

2 years ago

GGs Method, was awesome to watch and be a part of it
To correct the article it was 349 pulls in total as an FYI to all

2 years ago

joe, u need a life bro….badly.