'I plan to become the best' – UK Fortnite player Tuckz joins Team Atlantis after impressive Winter Royale display

Bristol-born Fortnite player Jordan “Tuckz” Tucker has joined top European Fortnite organisation Team Atlantis.
The 20-year-old, also known as tuckz717, previously played CSGO at a semi-pro level before reaching top 100 in Destiny 2 EU. He now focuses on the game of the moment: Fortnite.
Tuckz will compete for Atlantis in online and LAN events, along with the org’s fellow players including Mitr0 and Magin. He has won some $70,000 in Fortnite earnings to date and finished second in the Winter Royale.

Team Atlantis are Europe’s top Fortnite organisation in terms of prize money, having won $400,000 in 2018 according to Esports Earnings. They are also four-time Fall Skirmish winners.
Tuckz has signed a 14-month contract with the organisation.
“I am thrilled to join Team Atlantis and be a part of the team with some of the top players in the world,” Tuckz said.
“Knowing that such a performance-driven team has my back will help me improve and continue competing at the highest level.”
Tuckz added in an announcement video below that his parents originally questioned his decision to switch from full-time to part-time work, as he pursued a career in gaming.
“They weren’t 100% confident I could do it, fortunately for me when Winter Royale came round, once I won that money and they saw for their own eyes, they believed it was possible,” he said. “I started getting offers from different organisations and more Twitch viewers after the Winter Royale.”
He also spoke about the importance of keeping fit and exercising in-between gaming to keep his mind sharp, saying that the body is as important as the mind.

“I like to watch different players, see how they play and then sort of mix it into my own gameplay. That’s how I plan to become the best.”
Jordan “Tuckz” Tucker

He went on to mention players he looks up to, like Bizzle, Tfue and his new teammates.
“I like to watch different players, see how they play and then sort of mix it into my own gameplay,” Tuckz added. “That’s how I plan to become the best.”
Laurynas Brovka, general manager at Team Atlantis, commented: “The results and dedication that Tuckz has already shown in the competitive scene prove that he’ll be a great addition to our team.
“We are looking forward to helping him focus on what he does best and hope our community will give him a warm welcome to the team.”
You can watch Tuckz’ announcement video here:

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