Top 5 retro football games

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The history of video games and football are almost synonymous, for as long as we have picked up a joystick or controller over the past three decades, then a virtual version of the beautiful game has never been all that far away.
The quality has certainly improved from early titles such as Emlyn Hughes International Soccer on the Commodore 64 or Atari Football on the American software company’s 2600 console back in the late 1970s, to the polished versions of games that we play today. You might not have found anywhere to bet and use sites such as bonus back then, but those video games were played by millions around the world.
So with that in mind, here are the top 5 retro football video games:

FIFA International Soccer

Electronic Arts’s foray into the world of football video games came in the shape of FIFA International Soccer back in 1994. The game heralded an entry into the 8-bit console market as both the Sega Megadrive and Super Nintendo gave EA a platform to display their brand new creation.
And it is fair to say that since the release of FIFA International Soccer 25 years ago, EA has never looked back, especially when you consider just how much of a success the series has been. It may be unrecognisable compared to FIFA 19, but without the original release we arguably would not be where we are today.

International Superstar Soccer

As the pre-cursor to the current Pro Evolution Soccer series (PES), this creation was one of the must have titles back in the late 1990s. Developed by Japanese studio Konami, ISS 98 was the perfect antidote to its FIFA-based rivals.
If FIFA was verging on the simulation style, then this was more of the fast-paced arcade setting and it is fair to say that the two games and their younger brothers have been rivals for the best part of 20 years. As for who is top of the league out of PES and FIFA, that’s an argument that is now closer to being resolved.

Sensible World Of Soccer

Released around the same time as ISS 98, this was a groundbreaking game as it merged the worlds of playing and management. SWOS (pictured) allowed you pick from a worldwide range of clubs in your pursuit of silverware.
If you wanted to take a back seat and concentrate on just purchasing players, then this was the game for you. However, if you wanted to get a taste of the on-pitch drama then this Amiga classic also allowed you to do so. Its influence on modern day management sims cannot be undervalued.

Kick Off

Dino Dini’s creation in the early 1990s gave players a top-down view of the action and the ability to button bash your joystick and get the better of your best friends in a fast-paced game of football.
Compared to modern day titles, the options available were limited, but in fairness that arguably did the game a fair amount of favours, as it allowed Dini and his staff to focus on gameplay instead: a decision that resulted in a highly enjoyable end product.


Far, far away from FIFA 19, here’s a game that is probably overlooked when considering the best retro football video games of all time, but one that you should not forget either. Striker did not offer the widest amount of choices in terms of gameplay, but it did have one trick up its sleeve: you could simulate an indoor version of the game. This meant that there was never a break in play, creating an arena of madness as the ball cannoned off the blue walls in front of you. This is a mode that offered nothing less than carnage – and many memorable moments.

Promoted article (contains affiliate links)

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