Preview: Guidance Gaming's Kendrew and Unnamed's M4DMAN on the final RB6 Prem matches

rb6 siege esl prem new season 1

The final week of the Rainbow 6 Siege Premiership is upon us tonight
Team Secret are already qualified for the LAN finals on December 8th as the first seed.
Tonight, 4 teams can battle it out to earn themselves the second seed auto qualification to LAN.
Currently, MnM Gaming have control of the position with 12 points on the ladder. However, followed closely behind is Vexed Gaming, who will be looking to chase for that all-important bye into LAN.
MnM Gaming face off against Wind and Rain, who are currently sat bottom of the Premiership, and Vexed.Ebuyer must face off against Unnamed, who are in 5th position.
Many teams shall be cheering for Wind and Rain tonight in hopes of challenging MnM for that juicy second seed.
Realistically, most teams will be competing for that very important 3rd seed finish.
The team that holds 3rd seed will play the 6th seed in a LAN qualifying round.
If Guidance Gaming can take an upset win against Team Secret tonight, they should be able to home in on second and more likely 3rd place seed.
Guidance Gaming’s Luke ‘Kendrew’ Kendrew told ENUK:

“Unnamed, Vexed and Guidance is where it gets interesting because really whoever takes 3rd has the best chance of going to LAN because they will play 6th seed in the playoff.”


Unnamed need a lot of matches to go in their favour if they want to climb the ladder rankings.
Speaking with Leo ‘M4DMAN’ Kukielka, he expressed how important it is to beat Vexed Gaming. Beating Vexed tonight will likely propel them to 3rd place and will give them the confidence they need to face big names at LAN.
“Obviously, you want to win every match, but this match makes you want to win even more since they are favourites to go to LAN”
The final game of the night will solidify the final team in for a shot at LAN. Barrage Esports and Horizon Union will fight to determine which team will face the 3rd place seed.
This should be an excellent night of esport action ahead of the LAN qualifying matches coming soon.
At the start of the premiership, ENUK wrote about how much hype is being put into UK Rainbow Six. Tonights matches truly define the hype that has been building for some time.
You can watch the games over at at 7 pm

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