EA suspends UK FIFA player Faze Tass over use of the word ‘fag’

tass joins faze clan 1

EA has suspended UK FIFA pro Tassal “Faze Tass” Rushan from competing in qualifiers and live events for a currently undisclosed length of time.
Tass breached EA’s code of conduct when he used the word ‘fag’ in one of his FIFA videos on YouTube.
He used the word to describe a player card – Inter Milan midfielder Matías Vecino – who kept appearing for him in-game.
“Oh my God that guy has actually cursed me,” he said. “We’re seeing this freaking fag again.”

Tass later said in an explanation video: “Why did I say it? It’s a very unfortunate, unintentional misunderstanding from my end.
“Due to where I’ve been brought up, the connotation of that word from my perspective – until now – was just another word for prick or idiot or rubbish. Not even 1% of me knew it had any type of derogatory connotation towards homosexuality at all.
“If I knew it did, there is no way I’m saying anything. I would never say anything like that, trust me. It just comes down to stupidity and unintention from my perspective. Internationally, I should have been aware of the meaning of the word and how it could be perceived, and I didn’t. So that’s my fault.”
You can watch the video in full here:

Tass also gave an apology to his fans and others in the community.
“I want to apologise to EA, to Faze, I’ve let them down, I’ve let myself down,” he added.
“I really want to come back from this. I hope you accept my apology and I come back as soon as possible.”
Tass joined Faze at the start of this year.

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