Tass joins FaZe Clan: UK FIFA pro makes big move as EA rolls out new update

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by Dominic Sacco
One of the UK’s best FIFA players, Tassal “Tass” Rushan, has become FaZe Clan’s very first FIFA esports professional.
The US brand is one of the world’s best known esports organisations, having had particular success in Call of Duty over the years.

“It is a dream to be a part of the [FaZe] family, let’s make big things happen.”
Tass, FaZe Clan

Adding a FIFA pro to their ranks is huge news for them – and a massive boost for FIFA esports and the UK scene too.
You can see the sizzle video FaZe released here, plus a vlog from Tass himself speaking about the move:

Tass – whose achievements include becoming a Paris European Champion, European Regional Champion and more – said on Twitter: “The wait is over! Proud to announce that I have officially signed for FaZe Clan.
“This is a new chapter that I can’t wait to get underway, big things coming. It is a dream to be a part of the [FaZe] family, let’s make big things happen.”
Another UK FIFA pro (and current FIFA Interactive World Cup winner) Spencer “Gorilla” Ealing reacted with a thumbs up gif to his fellow countryman.

FIFA is one of the UK’s best esports games in terms of homegrown talent. We’re blessed with a string of quality players, including the aforementioned Tass and Gorilla, as well as the likes of David Bytheway, Sean “Dragon” Allen, Christopher “Thee Bullock” Bullock, Ryan “R_STACKZZ X” Pessoa, Shaun “Shellzz” Springette and more.
Esports News UK interviewed three of the above FIFA players back at the Interactive World Cup media day last year.
The news comes as EA makes some updates to FIFA esports, which Iain Harris has written about in greater detail below.

EA releases a slew of changes to better the competitive FIFA 18 experience

fifa esports changes 2018
by Iain Harris
EA Sports has rolled out a FIFA patch on the PC to combat some grievances within its community, with a majority of them being aimed at Ultimate Team’s Weekend League.
The patch comes at an opportune time, with FIFA’s Road to the eWorld Cup being held this weekend in Barcelona, along with the next month of qualifiers coming in February.
The patch includes an attempted fix at the most recent incarnation of the kick-off glitch, which allowed players the chance to score from kick-off, with the enemy defenders slow to react to the pass and rush. As a Liverpool fan, I have grown used to non-reactionary defenders, but I can empathise with players’ frustration.
The kick-off glitch has long been in the spotlight of FIFA’s most irritating features ever since it rose to popularity in FIFA 14, when YouTuber KSI made a video showing how to do it. But with EA pushing FIFA in a competitive direction, it is arguably more important than ever to stamp it out.
The patch will aim to do this by making the defending team more compact from kick off. The behaviour change will see the defending team’s attackers less likely to push up the field, with their defenders ready to close the gap between them. The desired aim of this is to reduce the gap and limit the attacking team’s space.
EA has also modified goalkeepers’ behaviour, making them less likely to hoof the ball when receiving a pass back in certain situations.
fifa higher prize pools esports
The rest of the changes are directly related to the FIFA Ultimate Team Champions Weekend League. The first is a quality of life change that will see all games played in the FeWC Stadium and the conditions set to clear, with the time set to night, to make for a bright and more optimal playing experience.
The rest of the changes, and arguably the most substantial, aim to tackle the issue of cheating in FIFA that has been aggravating the pro player base since last November, which we reported on.
Whilst in the pre-match screen, players will no longer see who is home and who is away, with your own team always displayed on the left side of the screen. Additionally, players won’t be able to see their opponent’s kits – they will instead be shown the opposite kit to the one that they are wearing.
Changes will also make it harder for players to see who they’re about to play against – hopefully preventing players from using the ‘no loss glitch’ to avoid an upcoming match.
While the changes don’t seem to do anything to fix the connectivity issues that players used for the exploit, it should hopefully make for a better playing atmosphere overall.
The updates will be available on console in due course.

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