Watch: Top 5 plays from the Rainbow Six Prem last week

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We’ve teamed up with the lovely guys at ESL UK to present to you the top 5 plays from last week’s Rainbow Six UK & Ireland Premiership.
The video below includes highlights from week four of the Premiership Winter Season, which is proving to be an exciting and well-followed tournament, with Rainbow Six offering something different to the UK’s usual CSGO and League of Legends.
Match commentary comes from Demo and Ace of Pyrite (check out our interview with Demo from the Paris Major earlier in the year here):

Interview with Rainbow Six Siege ESL Prem caster Demo: ‘I’m nowhere near my full potential yet’


Check out the top 5 plays here: 

Last month, ESL UK and Ubisoft announced they were teaming up to bring more Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege action to the ESL Premiership powered by Intel.

They confirmed two more seasons exclusively on PC, moving on from Siege’s first ESL Prem on Xbox One.

The new winter season of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege competition launched last month, with another season following in spring 2019. The winter season sees eight teams competing for a £10,500 prize pool.

So far, Team Secret are leading the pack at the top of the table with 10 points, leading Guidance, Unnamed and Vexed who have 9, 8 and 8 points respectively.

Barrage, Wind and Rain and Horizon Union are at the bottom with 2 points, none and none respectively. But it’s MnM Gaming that have had a surprising impact with a roster that’s new to a tournament of this structure – they have 6 points and drew with favourites Team Secret in week 1.

Here are the current standings after week 4:

Watch the Rainbow Six ESL Prem (Wednesdays from 7pm) at

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