Red Bull Guardians: Dota 2 tournament with new game mode heads to London Gaming Sphere

red bull guardians 1

A Dota 2 tournament called Red Bull Guardians will feature a new game mode and take place at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London.

The game mode has been designed exclusively for the tournament, adding a different twist to traditional 5v5 play.

A new draft phase allows teams to pick three extra heroes, which can be substituted in for existing heroes, throughout the game. It’s hoped this will ‘increase tactical flexibility’ for players, and provide a unique viewing experience.
Players can swap between each hero during the game, and the incoming hero will retain the same items and experience as the outgoing character. There is also a three-minute individual cooldown attached to each player for use of this ability.

Teams confirmed to compete at Red Bull Guardians include Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018 (DAC 2018) winners Mineski, and recently reformed Brazilian team paiN Gaming. The two remaining world class Dota 2 teams set to join the roster will be revealed soon.

The event will run from October 19th to 20th.

Red Bull Guardians is a double elimination knockout tournament inviting teams to compete across two days at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere, which opened earlier this year.

In Red Bull Guardians, teams will be required to think further ahead about what their opponents might do, opening up new options and heroes not viable in traditional play.

Decisions like item building will take on a new significance as players must consider how items will translate if they swap heroes.

Organisers say that Red Bull Guardians has made sure to keep the game ‘as true to the core as possible’. Teams can play the standard 5v5 game mode if they choose or completely change their approach to the game by making the most of the draft phase.

Red Bull Guardians will be streamed live on the Red Bull Esports Twitch channel from October 19th to 20th.

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