'A lot of absurd drama' – LVP clamps down on Forge of Champions player account violations

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by Cameron Peberdy and Dominic Sacco
UK League of Legends drama has reared its head yet again.
LVP, operator of the new Forge of Champions (FoC) tournament, has come down hard on one player and another team in particular over the past few days, in two separate incidents.

‘Fu**ing stupid and immature’ – LVP bans Laatch

Firstly, Newcastle Jaguars ADC Felix “Laatch” Melin (pictured) has been caught account sharing and has been banned by LVP for the rest of the Forge of Champions competition.
After the start of the second Forge of Champions mini-tournament, the standings showed that Newcastle Jaguars had received 0 points for the first week of the scoring tournament. They have in fact lost all of their points accrued so far (around 400), leaving them now with nothing. The reason?
Turns out Laatch was also playing in the League of Legends Greek Championship (LGC) as well as the UK FoC, and got someone else to play for him. When Newcastle Jaguars got to the finals of the first FoC, Laatch said he would no longer be able to play due to a commitment at work, but his team soon discovered he was playing in the Greek league instead.
Laatch has since been banned from playing in the Greek LGC and the Jaguars have terminated his contract, replacing him with Lukáš “PiOk” Lőrinc instead. The Jaguars say they weren’t aware of Laatch playing in another league.

LVP’s Sergi Mesonero was not happy with Laatch’s behaviour at all, making this strong comment on both a Clash Royale ruling and also Laatch:

The Jaguars were apparently not told by LVP about their points losses.

It’s not the first time Laatch has caused trouble in the UK scene. Last year he entered a team into the UK Masters without at least three British players, preventing Digital Warfare from taking a rightful place in the tournament.
LVP is set to publish its own public post on Laatch later on. We’ll update this article to include a link to that in due course. The taking part in multiple tournaments all comes down to Laatch wanting to earn more money.

Wind and Rain player ‘in tears’ after LVP ruling

wind and rain logo esports
In a separate incident, Wind and Rain (WAR) have seen their latest FoC match forfeited due to a rule-break around a player (Crossman) playing with an unregistered account.
Yesterday, week two of the scoring tournament began (Tuesday July 10th) and WAR were to play a best-of-three against Digital Warfare.
Upon winning the first game and looking for the tournament code for the second game, both teams were informed by admins that WAR had to automatically forfeit the match and will lose the points earned during this current scoring tournament.
The issue occured as the Riot Games API detected that a WAR player (Crossman) was playing with an unregistered account. Here’s WAR ADC Fax’s explanation of what happened: 

Fax added: “I was told every avenue was pursued my my management and org. So I turned to the only thing left, the community, through Twitter. My wording is probably bad so I really apologise to WAR and LVP for harming your reputation but there’s tears in my eyes, I’m just so sad.”
LVP’s Sergi Mesonero contacted WAR’s LoL manager Alex “Synygy” Winton to explain the situation, and Synygy pointed out that in a previous match they had been playing with the same account, and because of that they should not be punished this time.
Sergi’s argument is as follows: the fact that the system did not detect it the first time was not a reason. This is an automated process. If for some reason (for example the servers are down or a patch is being applied) the system does not detect a breach once, it does not make said breach okay. It’s apparently down to chance.

As LVP do not have proof of cheating, they are classing this as a mistake. So WAR lose the match but keep the points from the past tournament and for reaching ro16 in this one.
Here’s the rule that was broken: 

WAR analyst Reclamation went on to say: “It was human error on our part and LVP are well within their rights to [forfeit our match], however if it was okay week one you would have thought that LVP would meet in the middle with us and reset the series, but we respect the decision made and we have the motivation to do better next week.”
“I would like to apologise for the players’ pretty emotional responses online, it wasn’t the most professional of them however it was upsetting to get disqualified for this week’s games.”
Riot statement
mo fadl uk riot games

Mo Fadl, Riot UK’s Head of Esports, told Esports News UK in a statement: “Earlier this week during the second Forge of Champions qualifying tournament, Wind and Rain forfeited their match after one player was found to be using an unregistered account.

“All breaches of the rules are taken seriously and must be treated equally to maintain the competitive integrity of the tournament. Each case is also reviewed individually and we work directly with teams to explain decisions being made.

“Wind and Rain are welcome to join us for the third qualifying tournament and if any teams or players have questions or concerns, they should reach out to us directly. Here’s a link to the public Forge of Champions regulations.”


Comment and reaction


‘A lot of absurd drama’

Sergi also tweeted this out as some people thought his tweet about Laatch’s account sharing was in reference to WAR instead, and he wanted to clear that up:

Welcome to UK League of Legends, Sergi. Absurd drama unfortunately comes with the territory.

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