ESL on No.10 visit: 'Our contribution to esports in the UK is finally being recognised'

Two top esports personalities visited 10 Downing Street this week in a first for UK esports.
ESL UK managing director James Dean and Team Dignitas general manager Michael “Odee” O’Dell were invited to the reception, where Prime Minister Theresa May gave a brief talk on the strength of the UK creative industries.
The event brought together a host of key people from across the creative industries, in sectors such as film, television, theatre and more.
James Dean, ESL UK managing director, told Esports News UK: “It was fantastic to be invited.
“I’m extremely happy that our contribution to esports in the UK is finally being recognised and the opportunity can be presented for the entire industry.”
Team Dignitas general manager Michael “Odee” O’Dell added: “It was really cool to actually be invited somewhere like that.
“I didn’t think think I’d ever end up there through esports, but I was, so there you go. Hopefully bigger things come from it.”

Prime Minister Theresa May also announced a new £3m fund available to not-for-profit creative projects in the North of England.
She said: “The value of culture and creativity lies not only in its economic strength. Just as important is the less tangible contribution that it makes to our national life.
“The work you do brings joy to millions. It fosters unity, gives us a common currency. It helps to define and build our sense of national character.
“‘Without culture… society is but a jungle’. Your work is a vital part of our national life and our national economy, and I am absolutely committed to supporting it.”

Odee previously said that 2018 is the start of something special for esports in the UK.
“You’re going to see some real fast development at what’s going on at all levels, from top-level esports down to government and local authority level,” he said.
You can view a video snippet from the event at 10 Downing Street here:

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