'Being female at an esports tournament can be intimidating' – Tekken player Beebee talks UK esports diversity in new District G video

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A new video discussion show from fighting game-focused UK esports organisation District G has explored the topic of diversity in esports.
District G co-founder Joe Nwosokwa welcomed GGR founder and GRM Daily presenter Mr Midas, Tekken player and commentator SpaghettiRip and female Tekken player Beebee (pictured), to try and understand whether gaming was as diverse and inclusive as it could be.
The hour-long edition took a focus on the role of women in esports, gender differences at a professional level, inclusion in the broader sense and whether gaming communities – online and offline – are nice place to be.
When asked about female representation at competitive tournaments, and if attending events as a female has been intimidating, Beebee areplied: “To an extent it’s intimidating, but if I’m with someone I know, it’s not too bad. The first event I came with my brothers. If I came on my own… well I wouldn’t have if my brothers didn’t agree to come with me. It is intimidating.
“It’s not just females. Anyone coming to a new scene, any kind of competition and if you don’t know anyone, you’re gonna be like: ‘How do I mix in with this?’”
She added: “It was nice to see other females at the first event I went to. It’s not as intimidating to know there are other females playing the game and they’re all enjoying the same thing as me.”

“To an extent it’s intimidating, but if I’m with someone I know, it’s not too bad. It’s not just females – for anyone coming to a new scene, if you don’t know anyone, it can be hard to mix in.”

District G co-founder Joe Nwosokwa commented on why the video discussion show was put together: “The main aim is to break these moulds and ensure that all corners of society feel that the gaming community will welcome them with open arms, and in fact we want to encourage as much diversity as possible.
“It is important to understand whether gaming communities in general are doing their bit to include everyone. Sometimes the stereotype of what it means to be a gamer and/or part of the gaming community can often overshadow what it actually means.”
Spaghetti RIP said gaming is like its own language, open and inclusive to all.
He said: “This one time I was playing against a Peruvian guy, and we could communicate because of our shared language barrier – so playing Tekken was how we communicated.”
To watch the full episode check out District G’s official YouTube channel – officialdistrictg – or you can watch it below here:


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