A car wash brand wants to clean up UK esports

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We like to think that we don’t post many misleading headlines here at Esports News UK, so one in a while can’t hurt, right?
I mean, the headline is technically correct, if you take the term ‘clean up’ to mean ‘making a gain or profit’, rather than literally cleaning the scene up and removing all the dirt and dodginess from it.
Well, you’re here now reading this, three sentences in, and about to learn all about how an unusual non-endemic brand has UK esports fans in its sights, so it’s all good.

A spokesperson for car wash brand Turtle Wax told Esports News UK it’s reaching the next generation of car drivers here by entering the UK esports scene.

It’s partnered with European-based esports organization Splyce, which has several UK players, including League of Legends support Raymond “KaSing” Tsang and CoD player Tom “Tommey” Trewren, among others.
Speaking of which, Tom “Tommey” Trewren and Dylan “Madcat” Daly will serve as Turtle Wax ambassadors throughout the partnership. Daly will continue to share his widely-known passion for cars, while Trewren will play off – and celebrate – his Twitch fanbase called ‘the turtles’ with Turtle Wax content.
Fans heading to the CWL Birmingham event hosted by Insomnia this weekend (March 30th to April 1st) will have the opportunity to receive Turtle Wax merchandise as well as attend a meet-and-greet with Trewren and Daly.

Tom “Tommey” Trewren and Dylan “Madcat” Daly will serve as Turtle Wax ambassadors, and fans will be able to attend a meet-and-greet with them at i62.

This isn’t actually the first entry into esports for Turtle Wax. The brand has previously teamed up with US esports giant OpTic Gaming over the past two years. Turtle Wax has been lauded as a brand that’s ‘doing esports right’ as an example of a non-endemic getting involved in a strong way.
“The gaming community is a very passionate group of individuals, and we know how important it is to connect with them in an authentic way,” said Daren Herbert, SVP & Chief Marketing Officer at Turtle Wax.
“The reason we’ve had so much success in esports – and why we’re extending into Europe with Splyce – is because Turtle Wax organically fits into their active lifestyle. Giving fans behind-the-scenes access to their favorite players allows us to engage with them in a meaningful way that’s relevant to our brand.”
Turtle Wax say that OpTic Gaming CEO and founder Hector Rodriguez, a dog lover and owner, will provide ‘must-do advice’ for keeping his car fresh and clean when cruising with pets. The esports content we deserve, not the content we need.
For the first time, Turtle Wax will establish its esports presence outside of the US by sponsoring Splyce. Through online content, fans will get a glimpse at the lives of Splyce’s pro players as they take road trips throughout Europe and wear the Turtle Wax logo on their jerseys.
“Partnering with a premier brand like Turtle Wax is really exciting for us,” said Marty Strenczewilk, CEO and co-founder of Splyce.
“We take great care in selecting the partners we work with. Turtle Wax is exactly the type top-tier global brand that we’re proud to have the Splyce snake associated with.”
Image source: FreeImages.com/melodi2

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