Team ENYX win the inaugural Rainbow Six Siege ESL Premiership

team enyx win rb6 prem 1

Team ENYX have been crowned winners of the first Rainbow Six Siege ESL UK and Ireland Premiership. Craig Robinson provides a recap of the finals.
Four teams qualified for the ESL Rainbow 6 Siege Premiership LAN that was held on March 10th-11th.
Team ENYX, 1UPesports, Radix and Horizon Union took part in that LAN final.
On Saturday, Radix and 1UP esports kicked off the event with the first semi-final battle. Radix opened up the series strong with a 2-0 lead on Kafe and Tower. But 1UP came back strong with a great reverse sweep and went to the finals after taking Radix down on Consulate, Coastline and Oregon.
The following semi-final was between Team Enyx and Horizon Union. The opening map on Consulate was a very close battle where Enyx managed to take the map in the final round of overtime. From there Enyx found their footing and took decisive wins on Clubhouse and Border to move into the final.
On Sunday, Radix and Horizon Union opened the day with the 3rd/4th place decider. The opening map of the series was intense to say the least.
Radix were the eventual winners of Kafe, but Horizon Union played an impressive game. Horizon Union would find their first map of the LAN on coastline to tie the series 1-1. From there Horizon continued that momentum and took the series 3-1 by being victorious on Oregon and Skyscraper.
The final series of the LAN was the battle between Team Enyx and 1UP esports.  1UP kicked off the day strong with an impressive 5-2 lead against ENYX to take Club House. ENYX bounced back the map later with a 5-3 lead on Consulate.

Although, Team Enyx would secure their legacy as the inaugural Rainbow 6 Siege Premiership champions by coming off strong on Kafe and Chalet.


This was the first ever Rainbow 6 Siege Premiership hosted by ESL UK, and it was definitely one to be proud of. Here’s a mix of comment and reaction from the community.

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