Can WAR and Misfits be stopped? Here’s a quick ESL LoL Prem recap heading into week 4

We’re about halfway through the ESL League of Legends Premiership group stage and ready to get into week 4.

Now that Sunday’s games have been and gone, Sam "Tiefling" Parker looks at the standings so far. 

Image source: ESL UK 


Misfits Academy and Wind and Rain (WaR) have so far looked the superior teams, but with them facing each other this Sunday, we’ll finally see which is stronger.

With WaR dropping a game to Diabolus and Misfits having a tough time against MnM, there are signs of weakness - time will tell if they can be truly challenged.


Diabolus had a shaky start, looking good before dropping games against fellow group B teams MnM and Enclave. However with their win over Hyperion, they looked to be back in better form. This was further proved in their big win over tournament favorites Wind and Rain on Sunday, reinforcing their eagerness to take the top spot.


Last split's winners, exceL, are looking better than expected after roster changes, sitting at a solid second place in their group, only dropping a game against group B’s first-placed Wind and Rain.

While some of the UK community initially gave low reviews to the squad, they’re making a great case to be top three right now.


Described as a ‘wild card’ team by ESL, Enclave aren’t exactly playing against that concept, sitting strongly in the middle of the pack, likely ending third or second place. After their game last night versus Raise Your Governors, they have seemingly improved in playing from behind. 



MnM shocked us all with a close game against Misfits' powerful squad, but it wasn't enough. While they surprised us when they caused an upset against Diabolus, there's still room for improvement.

However if they can take the win over Enclave this Tuesday, they may be able to start their move up the table.


Hyperion and Raise Your Governors have both had a hard time so far this split, both going 0-4 after the first three weeks, however this will be resolved on Tuesday, where the two will face off in a bout for current last place.

Raise Your Governors are looking like the stronger squad going into Tuesday’s game, but the outcome is still not all that easy to predict.


Follow the games on the ESL_LoL Twitch channel on Tuesdays and Sundays.

ESL has also revealed details of Division 2. Qualifiers start March 7th, matches begin on March 14th and will take place every Wednesday, with best-of-threes. There's a £750 prize pool.

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