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Esports News UK could be up for a UK Blog Award – all you need to do is head over to this website site and vote.
If you scroll down, select ‘Digital and Technology + Social Influencers’ and vote, we’d greatly appreciate it.
The public vote will decide whether we go through to the semi-finalist round or not, where a panel of judges will review our site.
You get two votes, so why not take a look around the UK Blog Awards website and vote for another blog?

But Dom, is ENUK really a blog?

Yes. Kind of. Hear me out.
Back in 2006 when I was at uni (and still had hair), we had to come up with a new magazine idea as part of our unit on features.
I designed a magazine called Leet dedicated to online gaming. My lecturer encouraged me to enter it into a national competition, and after submitting an entry and forgetting about it, I somehow ended up winning this Magazine Award.
The silly student version of me learnt I’d won while at home eating beans on toast in front of the TV, because I’d failed to check my junk email folder and missed the invite to the actual awards ceremony. It was a friend who called me up and said I’d won. I felt a right plonker. 1
This gave me the idea to turn it into a blog, so I made Leet Games Blog in 2008 and started writing about my views on video games. It wasn’t until 2015 that I spotted the UK League of Legends scene and decided to relaunch it as Esports News UK.
I also write many opinion pieces as I don’t have the time to do churnalism and cover every single story that breaks, so instead I offer more comment and analysis on the biggest ones.
I don’t have a huge full-time news team, I run this in my spare time and use a custom WordPress platform for ENUK, so it shares many similarities with other blogs.
So your vote will really help, because we’re technically in the ‘company blogs’ section as several people help me out with ENUK, and we’re up against some good companies and competition.
People close to me will also know I don’t like asking for these sort of things, but it seems industry awards these days are increasingly based on a public vote.

TL;DR in 6 points

  1. ENUK started out as Leet Games Blog.
  2. I write a ton of opinion pieces.
  3. Google thinks my site is a blog.
  4. One of our early haters said ENUK was ‘more like blog posts than actual articles’, this motivated us to improve and enter these awards.
  5. Vote here! (scroll to the bottom of this link and click ‘Digital and Technology + Social Influencers)


What else you can do to help spread the word

Please share this on social media, you can RT us and also make your own posts asking for people to vote for us.
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Please vote for Esports News UK in the UK Blog Awards! #UKBA18
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