New UK org Public Enemy almost won a Danish LoL LAN in an actual castle

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Public Enemy, a UK esports organisation who launched publicly in July 2017, almost won the Cross Border Esport (CBE) tournament this week.
They beat Tricked in the semi-final as underdogs, but were eventually bested by Danish org Singularity 3-2 in the LAN final, which took place at Sønderborg Castle in Denmark.
The CBE tournament had a prize pool of almost £10,000 (75,000DKK).
Public Enemy’s line-up was as follows:

Quixeth and Johan Lee Olsen recently won the i61 LAN in Birmingham with Vir Mortalis.
Notably, Public Enemy also had former LCS/NiP/Copenhagen Wolves player GodBro in the mid-lane, and Sleeping, a top-laner who also played for the ROG French team.
Interestingly, team manager Karolis has worked with both of the teams in the final – Singularity and Public Enemy. But Public Enemy management say he’s only with Singularity for the rest of the ESL UK & Ireland Premiership, then he’ll move over to Public Enemy. Karolis was with Public Enemy for the CBE tournament.


Who are Public Enemy?

The org was set up by co-owners Aiden Farmer and Mario “Selwyn” Tomic.

Mario told Esports News UK: “I started the organisation because I love to compete, competition was always a big part of my life, starting in the early years in traditional sports.

“As the years passed and my interests shifted towards esports and I experienced esports myself and developed an infinite passion for the scene, I knew I need to be involved in it. When Aiden approached me with the idea of founding an esports organization with him I was sceptical at first, but after having in depth talks and sharing ideas I was hooked and couldn’t settle my mind on anything else. And look at us now!

“Just about a month after, we got second place at our first LAN with an incredible roster and an amazing staff. The scene is growing tremendously each year and we will work harder than everyone else to make our way to the top and write a part of esports history.”

“With the amount we have accomplished in such a short period I believe things can only go onwards and upwards from here for Public Enemy!”

Aiden added: “I started playing video games since I can remember. I used to play Halo 3 on a competitive level back when I lived in Australia, and have always been enthusiastic about competing in esports, although back then esports was barely a thing in terms of prize money/sponsors and just how small the scene was in general.

“But I’d been playing League of Legends for years and fell into the same catagory as Mario. We believe we can make an impact on the scene, especially now while smaller people have a chance in an industry that will soon be very reliant on having millions to invest.

“With the amount we have accomplished in such a short period I believe things can only go onwards and upwards from here for Public Enemy!”

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