The Top 3 Most Boosted Players in FIFA 18?

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While soccer gamers have been amped up for FIFA 18’s release at the end of September, fans can’t help but speculate which players deserve to have their ratings boosted.
After all, given the stellar performances of many players the past soccer year, it’s high time that many of them will get some nice, shiny bonuses, while some will be flogging off the points. So, who’s getting stronger this time around? Will Cristiano Ronaldo maintain the ratings throne?
It’s probably a given that Cristiano Ronaldo is going to remain the highest-rated player in FIFA 18 considering he won the last Ballon d’Or and his stellar performance in the recent year. Lionel Messi should get a rating boost to match up much closer to Ronaldo, but that’s far more predictable since it has always been close between the two.
On the other hand, what about slightly more underrated players? Now, that’s the real question. Hold onto your FIFA Coins, as we explore our top three picks for players who will get the most significant rating boosts in FIFA 18.

Hector Bellerín

Even though he’s popular amongst most soccer fans, he’s not like bigger stars, such as Neymar and Ibrahimovic. However, Bellerín’s performance last season as Arsenal’s number one for right-back garnered him some fantastic performances that no one saw coming. Bellerín is flexible and savvy, especially at clutch moments on the field.
Simply watching Bellerin at the current season, anyone can see how much of an unchecked monster he can be on the right. With this in mind, his original 79 rating, while still quite high in FIFA 17, is sorely low for the Spaniard. After all, he’s proven himself to be one of the greatest right-backs in Europe at present. In our humble opinion, we picture Bellerín making an easy 85 rating in FIFA 18.

Moussa Dembélé

It’s easy to underestimate the youth despite their vibrant, excitable personalities and constant energy. True, it takes lots of experience to make a great footballer, but Moussa Dembele is certainly on the way to greatness. If his 82 rating in FIFA 17 is any indication, he’s headed to a much higher number based on his latest performances.
With a skill set that lets him keep the ball at all points of a match, fantastic passing and incredible tackling capabilities, it’s hard to argue against Dembélé’s incoming rating increase in FIFA 18.

Eden Hazard

Despite Eden Hazard’s hugely lackluster performance in the 2015/16 season of the Premier League, he’s done so much to expel that with his performance last season. With exceptional ball control and perceptive running, Hazard was able to demolish most of the competition Chelsea encountered last season.
Drastically improving under the new boss Antonio Conte, Hazard has been able to run amok with the freedom he truly needed to shine. The young Belgian has been able to score 16 goals during the 2016/17 season, and that’s not something easily dismissible. In FIFA 17, he got a rating of 88, which is high, but his recent performance in the Premier League proves that he deserves to be one of the highest rated players in FIFA 18. We predict Eden Hazard outpacing the likes of Ibrahimovic and de Gea with a rating of 91-92.

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