Fnatic's founder is not happy about Cloud9 taking the London Overwatch League spot

fnatic sam mathews interview 1

Fnatic founder Sam Mathews has responded to the news that Cloud9 have bought the Overwatch League franchise spot in London.
It was a surprising announcement considering Fnatic are the biggest esports organisation based in London. They have offices there and the Bunkr event space.
Sam tweeted the following:

His tweet implies that Fnatic had negotiated with Blizzard for a spot, but hadn’t been informed it’d been given to Cloud9 – until now.
Sam also tweeted Cloud9 founder and CEO Jack Etienne with a seemingly sarcastic comment:

Etienne said in the original announcement: “We have a massive fanbase in Europe already, and London, in particular, I believe is under-served and doesn’t have an esports team to call its own.”
It’s not clear if Etienne was making a sly dig at Fnatic or if he genuinely doesn’t know Fnatic are based here, but you’d think a person of Jack’s calibre in esports would know that London is home to Fnatic.
Jack has not yet responded to Sam’s tweets, though he did tweet a picture of an old London bus.

We’ve reached out to both parties for further comment.

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