UK's Grey Warwick to take part in University Esports Masters: 2nd Edition this weekend

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The University of Warwick will have another chance at success this weekend in a European League of Legends tournament for university teams.
The University Esports Masters: 2nd Edition is a collegiate tournament featuring six teams, each hailing as winners from their respective national leagues:

  • France, Student Gaming Network (UCL eSports from Université catholique de Louvain)
  • Germany, University Esport Germany (TDR TUHH GamING from Technische Universität Hamburg)
  • Great Britain, National University Esports League (Grey Warwick from the University of Warwick)
  • Italy, University Esports Series (Unimi Cavalieri from Università Statale di Milano)
  • Portugal, E-University League (FEUP from the Universidade do Porto)
  • Spain, OGSeries University (Bobcats ULL from University of La Laguna)

Last year the University Esports Masters tournament was won by Portugal’s Lisboa University.
The six teams will this weekend (July 29th-30th) fight in the University Esports Masters 2017 for the title of European Champion from a brand new gaming studio in Penafiel, Portugal.
Almost 12,000 students from over 300 universities in Europe registered and competed this season in national leagues and tournaments.

Grey Warwick won the NUEL Live Final and qualified for this tournament earlier this year, after beating last year’s holders Aston Yellowtails (aka Aston Aunties) 3-0.

The last edition of the tournament involved more than 200 universities, 8,000 participating student players, 44,000 unique livestream viewers and 125,000 total livestream views.
The new edition of the tournament has two group stages​, from which the two top teams reach the finals.
Starting from this year, University Esports Masters signed a special partnership with Twitch​, in order to offer students exclusive content.
University Esports Masters said in a statement: “UEM and Twitch Student are working together to help students be better prepared for their future. We are trying very hard to not only say there is opportunity for students in this industry but to show it as well.
“We are part of the Twitch Student Programme, promoting diversity, inclusivity and Collaboration through e-sports in the academic community all across Europe.”
The schedule is as follows:
Group Stage
July 29th from 10am (CEST)
Final Stage
Group A Team 1 – Group B Team 2: July 30th 12am (CEST)
Group B Team 1 – Group A Team 2: July 30th 3pm (CEST)
Final match
July 30th 6pm (CEST)
The tournament will be broadcast live on the University Esports Masters Twitch channel.

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