Elevate left embarrassed in Call of Duty Global Pro League

Elevate fail 1

Elevate’s English Call of Duty team have completed what many deemed to be the impossible, and failed to win a map in their Global Pro League Stage 2 group. Jacob Hale takes a look at happened.
Admittedly, hopes were never that high for Elevate. They survived Stage 1 through the skin of their teeth, just beating out Red Reserve in their final group stage match.
Since then, the two teams have changed their rosters – with Rated moving to Red Reserve from Elevate and Desire making his way in to the league within the Elevate squad.
Nonetheless, nobody really wanted to believe that this poor a performance was possible until it actually happened.
In Stage 1, Millenium dropped out of their group with a 0-6 series record but managed to win a small handful of maps throughout them. The fact that Elevate failed to do even that is a huge knock to the progress that UK teams have made throughout the last few months, and something we will all wish to put behind us, players and fans alike.

Admittedly, Elevate didn’t have the easiest group; Enigma6 and a newly revitalised FaZe Clan are both proven top teams, whilst Ghost Gaming was hot off a strong showing at MLG Anaheim.
There is little to say in terms of reporting on the actual matches – Elevate rarely looked to even put up a fight, let alone be in a position to win.
Reedy managed to maintain a 0.90 KDR – a small sign of the abysmal individual player performances throughout the weekend.
With an overall team KDR of 0.79 and minimal objective play throughout the weekend, it is no surprise Elevate finished the way they did.
It is clear Elevate have a lot to work on over the coming weeks – the Call of Duty Championships are only four weeks away, and at this rate, Elevate will not even make it out of the group stages.
With Call of Duty: World War II just around the corner after Champs, I think it’s fair to say that barring a miracle, this team won’t be sticking together for much longer.

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