CAZ eSports Acquire ESL UK Premiership side – Rumour

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A source close to Esports News UK has told us of a reported acquisition of a qualified ESL Premiership team by UK Organisation CAZ eSports.
It is unknown which UK Premiership side CAZ have acquired but we believe they will make an official announcement in the coming week before the ESL Premiership starts on Wednesday, July 19th.

After their post in May, it was always likely that CAZ would eventually find their way into League of Legends and it would appear they will do so via acquisition rather than forming a team from scratch.
Starting out in 2010 as CazuaLLUK, a YouTube channel focusing on gaming hardware and other gaming contented before branching into esports in 2014 as CazuaLLUK Esports or CAZ for short. The team made its intention to get into League of Legends clear from the start but only now have they fulfilled that goal.
CAZ might be new to LoL but they have flirted with the MOBA scene in recent times, with a current team in Smite, CAZ will now look to make the move to the big boy of MOBA. CAZ also have representation in Hearthstone, as well as their Icelandic CS:GO side and a host of streamers.
Keep an eye on Esports News UK in the coming days as we await an official confirmation from CAZ about which side they have acquired for the upcoming ESL UK Premiership Autumn Split.

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