Bulldog Esports Disband League of Legends Roster

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Bulldog has today confirmed to Esports News UK that they will disband their current League of Legends.
A staple of the UK League of Legends scene, Bulldog have had their ups and downs as a team. Coach James “Mac” MacCormack moving to Origen has sadly brought this current iteration of the team to an end.

After Mac left the side, Bulldog had hoped to continue with its current setup but as we reported last week, with players abandoning the team and defeats in the UK Masters, Bulldog looked in a rough place.
The Bulldog League of Legends side also surprised many when they failed to reach the ESL Premiership Autumn Split after failing to secure one of the 8 slots available.
With that, the team made the hard choice to part ways with League of Legends and focus efforts on their other esports sides.

 In a statement to Esports News UK, Bulldog Founder Antony “Newts” Newton said.

“Our venture into League of Legends was a tale of two very different stories.bulldog esports
On one hand, we had the core of our team which we kept together and were trying to develop, then, on the other hand, we had our backroom staff who since joining Bulldog had all gained professional contracts and moved onto better things. The latter has lead us to the point we are now at.
The sudden departure of our main coach, manager and analyst left our players with no real guidance and structure. People we tried to get in to fill the gaps, while very capable, were just not at the same level as those we lost, unfortunately. The knock on effect was that the team suffered and performances dropped. Once I was made aware of the severity of the situation we made a last ditch attempt to rectify things with the addition of a new manager with increased funding but it was too little too late. It’s a shame, as prior to us losing our backroom staff we had high hopes for the future.
We would like to take this moment to thank Grant who came to us originally with the idea of us entering the UK scene, MAC who has the patience of a saint and my eternal gratitude and FAX who I have learned was doing more than what is required of a player to do.
This is the first time in our history we have had to pull out of a big competition early and an experience we will come away from with some work on points for the future. Good luck to all the remaining teams.”

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