epic.LAN 21: Which teams won and how were viewer numbers?

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epic.LAN 21 finished last weekend and featured everything from beach parties to charity pie faces alongside the esports tournaments.
Craig Robinson takes a look back at the action.

Face-Strike: Pie Offensive

Starting with the most important part of the event, epic.LAN esports manager Tom “Gumpster” Gumbleton and RNR Esports MD Adam “Blanks” Heath got pied in the name of charity.
They raised £600 for SpecialEffect! (the same charity we raised a similar amount for during the ENUK charity stream earlier in the year)
Watch them get pied below:

Epic numbers

On a more serious note, massive congratulations to Epic who said they broke their record of 88,000 unique viewers. They were apparently up 50,000 viewers this time around to around 140,000.

They streamed CSGO, Dota 2, Overwatch, Starcraft II, Hearthstone and a generic epicLAN stream.
Tom told Esports News UK: “Our event ran incredibly well. The tournament numbers were encouraging. We had 27 teams for CSGO, eight for Dota2, four for Overwatch, 24 players for SC2 and 12 for Hearthstone.
“The streams managed 138,000 unique viewers across six streams, with CSGO pulling in 88,000 on its own. The event had a really good feel to it this time round, the pub quiz was well supported and saw people dress up in fancy dress whilst our beach theme on Saturday evening went down a treat with good karaoke and lots of decorations.
“I was surprised at how our team really pulled this event off and hopefully we can do this all again in October.”
With this achievement once again noted, let’s round up the winners.


In comparison to epic.20, none of the top 3 seeded teams made it into the final. Instead, Reason Gaming #4 and Radix esports #5 entered the final after pulling off great victories in the upper and lower brackets.
#1 seed Endpoint mix was knocked into the lower bracket by Reason in the quarter-final. They had a rematch in lower consolidation final and finished 4th place to Reason once again.
#2 seed Excel Infused managed to reach the upper bracket final vs Radix esports. Radix won that series and moved onto the grand final. Excel Infused moved to the lower bracket final and were defeated by Reason.
The final was between Radix and Reason. They previously met in the Upper Bracket Semifinal, where Radix took the series 2-1. In this series, it went to the final game where Radix took the victory on Mirage, taking the series 3-2.



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Winner Mysterious with the trophy (credit: Sammy Lam)

The Hearthstone tournament was just as interesting as CSGO.
The Upper Bracket had #3 seed MnM Mysterious take the upper Bracket final after defeating #1 seed Quickscopez.
Quickscopez did battle against Danswf in the Lower Bracket Final. Danswf defeated Quickscopez and advanced to the Grand Final.
Like the CS tournament, the final series was very competitive and went to the final game. MnM Mysterious took the win and the series  4-3, making it his 2nd Epic consecutive LAN win.



Overwatch had a considerably small turnout the weekend, however epic 20 victors MnM came to retain their title.
The Upper Bracket stage had 3-0 sweeps across the board. MnM went undefeated and made it ot the Grand Final.
From the Lower Bracket Final, Cryptik took down TPO for another clean sweep, and moved to face MnM once again.
MnM clearly had the upper hand coming into this series. They expressed the strengths they had as a team by only losing one map. Therefore, MnM took the series 4-1 and retained their Overwatch epic.LAN title.

Photo: Shy, Soodle, Ginger, Shoe, DreadKnight, Tetrix (credit: Sammy Lam)


Likewise, with Overwatch and Hearthstone, the defending champions were back and were gunning for their title again.
Perilous Ruin previously won the last Dota 2 epic.LAN title and were seeded first once again.
Ruin had a good run through the Upper Bracket, they only dropped one game to Kiev in the Upper Bracket Final.
In the Lower Bracket Final, Kiev defeated Zakstabbed 2-1. Kiev returned to face Ruin in the Grand Final.
As for the Grand Final, Perilous retained their title by defeating Kiev in a clean sweep, displaying their dominance once again.


Starcraft 2

In this tournament, RiSky was seeded #1 and performed to that expectation. He didn’t have the previous title and won this tournament as expected.
RiSky went onto the Upper Bracket Final undefeated until #7  seed Revolution gave him a solid run that ended 3-2 to RiSky.
In the Lower Bracket, Mythic defeated Mix 3-1 securing 4th place. Revolution defeated Mythic in the Lower Bracket Final 3-0, returning to face RiSky in the Grand Final.
RiSky adapted to the pressure Revolution brought him earlier in the torunament. RiSky took the series 4-1 and became the new Starcraft epic champion.

Special shoutout to Revolution for having such a great run despite seeding.

Fun tournaments:

Rocket League
1st – Kringers
2nd – The Corner
Street Fighter
1st – ChronoWolf
2nd –  Chigger
1v1 Overwatch
1st – Jamiee
2nd – Maffu
2v2 League of Legends
1st – DreamMemeTeam
2nd – 2hotbois
1v1v1 Porcunipine
1st – TwisTyLC
2nd –  Vorpal
Pub Quiz
1st – Swe and
2nd – His Meatballs
£101 donated to Special Effect
The next epic.LAN will be on October 12th to 15th. Book tickets here

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