Video interview: Fnatic cArn shares his views on Vainglory and the current state of Counter-Strike

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We interview Fnatic’s chief gaming officer Patrik “cArn” Sättermon about the London-based org’s operations in Vainglory as the 2017 Spring Unified Championship comes to England’s capital at the O2.

On Vainglory and mobile esports, cArn said: “This is an amazing opportunity for esports. It’s growing in new regions, reaching a new audience who maybe didn’t have the disposable income for a PC and broadband connection.

“With a smartphone that’s good enough to play with, one that’s maybe $150 or $200 maybe, and a cheap subscription or WiFi connection, you can compete. You can do this anywhere, on the road, that’s super exciting.

“Games can be very competitive and immersive and viewer-friendly on a smartphone.

“We’re in an infancy at the moment but Super Evil Megacorp have a lot going for them. They’re innovating. 


“It’s a new way of doing esports but the core is still the same. More competition is around the horizon. I think we’re going to see a lot of great things from Vainglory and Super Evil Megacorp for many, many years. There might be more titles from them or other people in the future.

“One community actually helps other communities as well, and helps makes esports more acceptable around the globe.”

Check out our full interview with Patrik about Vainglory below:

As a former Counter-Strike pro player, we also asked Patrik for his views on the current state of CSGO:

We also spoke to British caster Excoundrel about Vainglory at the event.
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