Global Pro League Preview: Group Red – Splyce

Splyce GPL 1 1

In the upcoming Global Pro League, six UK teams will be battling it out against some of the world’s toughest opponents in order to qualify for stage two of the GPL and, ultimately, the Call of Duty Championships in August.
Today, Jacob Hale looks at Splyce.

The Details


  • Jurd
  • Madcat
  • Bance
  • Zero

Pro Points: 137,035 – #1 in EU

The Players

Jurd has long been known as one of, if not the best players in European Call of Duty. Competing since Modern Warfare 3, he is regarded as a veteran in the Call of Duty scene; he might be quiet, but he lets his performance in-game speak for him.
He’s been known for his slaying abilities as an Assault Rifle player, and tends to run the KBAR in Infinite Warfare to accompany his FTL Jump payload.
Madcat is the AR Slayer for this Splyce team, and once again a CoD veteran. Madcat started competing in Black Ops, but started seeing his success and high placements throughout the Modern Warfare 3 season.
Madcat is more flexible in his payload choices, running a Centurion in Hardpoint but tending to lean towards Overdrive in other game modes.
Bance is the only remaining Splyce member from the 2016 CoD XP event, where Splyce demolished all expectations when they placed second at the biggest event of the year.
Bance started playing in Advanced Warfare, so does not have the longevity the previous two provide, but makes up for it with his solid, proficient OBJ work. He runs the Reactive Armour payload, crucial for breaking those hills in Hardpoint or getting the extra few metres in Uplink.
Zero also started competing in Advanced Warfare, and has grown to be one of Europe’s finest slayers. He’s the guy you see clear out the whole enemy team to help break the hill in Hardpoint.
You’ll often see Zero running Active Camo, giving him the edge to sneak behind players and do some damage.

The season so far

Splyce have been the dominant EU team during the Infinite Warfare season, and have had few hitches along the way.
Consistently placing amongst NA’s elite in international tournaments, this is where they have proven their worth. Holding teams like OpTic Gaming and eUnited to very tight matches, it’s hard to say what their flaws are; but if they manage to counter them, they could be a world-beating team.
Despite this, Splyce are yet to win a LAN event in Infinite Warfare. Their best chances came during CWL London and CWL Birmingham, EU-only events in which they came second both times. They will be looking to change that over the coming weeks.

Matchups with these groups

Although they’ve yet to face Mindfreak or EnVy at LAN, Splyce have come up against Cloud9 in international competition this season.
At CWL Las Vegas, eventual runners-up Cloud9 beat them 3-2 in a very closely-contested match. Splyce had to wait 3 months to get their revenge, eventually knocking C9 down to the Loser’s Bracket with a 3-1 win at CWL Dallas.
Splyce have had much stronger showings throughout this year than both EnVy and Mindfreak, and they will be seeking to prove themselves during this group stage.

Tune in this weekend to watch Splyce take the UK as far as they can in stage one of the inaugural Global Pro League. The schedule can be found here.

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