'You will regret every single word' – org owner threatens to sue UK CSGO team

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A man who films himself spitting on mirrors and dancing with a balaclava on his head has threatened to sue some UK CSGO players.
Andrei Costin “Raso” Macovei, CEO of Golden Vipers Gaming, sent the following message to Triux, a member of UK CSGO team Kings Unite.

Kings Unite play in the ESEA Open and will be attending Insomnia60 later this month. Their roster consists of DonTy, Triux, Freestylazz, iNSPIRE and EmojiX.
“Yeah, I’ve been ill for a few days, stuck in bed, I get out of bed and I’m being sued apparently,” Triux told Esports News UK.
Raso also posted on Facebook, calling out EmojiX:

Raso says he’s suing them on the grounds that comments were made by Emoji on his stream. He’s since posted a video of Emoji saying Golden Vipers force players who want to join their team to buy a piece of their merchandise first.

Also, two days ago, Raso posted the following article on the Golden Vipers website – 5 easy ways to get sued over online content & social media – and posted this video:

His slogan on the site is: “May my enimies Live long To see MY SUCCESS.”
According to the org’s website, ‘Golden Vipers is a multi-gaming eSports club, which will occupy a leading position on the world stage’, aim to get esports recognised as an official sport and sanctioned in the Olympic Games.
“We are aiming to compete at the top level of professional gaming and winning as many tournaments as we want,” the org said in a statement.

“Mr. Nicolas Dumitrescu, I am gonna strike right when you won’t be expected. I will see you sued and you will regret every single word that you said about my image.”
Andrei Costin “Raso” Macovei, Golden Vipers Gaming

UK player Joseph “Joee” Leigh responded to the news with the following tweet:



Kings Unite sent Esports News UK the following statement: “Whilst we take threats to our players very seriously, it is apparent that the threats from the staff at Govi Energy poses no real risk to our players.
“The staff at Govi Energy have reacted unprofessionally in dealing with this matter and have made no attempt to contact us to resolve this issue.
“We would like to thank the community for its outreach of support, and ask that if anyone else receives messages from Govi Energy, or it’s affiliates, that they are ignored.”
Some members of the UK CSGO community reacted how it knows best. With memes, sarcasm and banter.

We’ll update this article with any more comments we receive.

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